How to fix AirPods Pro high-pitched noise issue?

Maybe you got your AirPods Pro recently and instead of hearing the smooth sound of music, what greeted you is a grating, high-pitched noise. Maybe these are your old earbuds and they are suddenly behaving weirdly. You can’t really locate the cause for it, just that you want the squealing, watery noise to stop. 

While we do not know exactly what caused the AirPods Pro high-pitched noise issue on your device, we do know several methods to fix it based on the root of the problem. 

How to fix AirPods Pro high-pitched noise issue?

This is actually a common problem for AirPods Pro users with a startlingly simple solution. More often than not, the problem has been attributed to Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode for iPhone and iPad. So, that’s what we would focus on. 

Fix AirPods Pro High-Pitched Noise With iPhone

To turn off the whining noise, you have to go through a couple of steps on your iPhone. If the issue is still not fixed, head to the next section, where we discuss manual clean-up. 

Step 1: First, you have to make sure your AirPods Pro and iPhone are paired. 

You can do this by turning on your AirPods and turning on the Bluetooth on your iPhone. When the earbuds appear among the options, pair with it. 

Step 2: Plug the AirPods in your ear. Do you hear that screeching noise? We will deal with it soon. 

Drag your fingers down from the upper right corner of your screen. 

You will be presented with the taskbar. 

Source: Techno Window

Do you see the Volume control slide bar? Hold on to it. 

Step 3: Once the Volume control window opens, you will notice three options at the bottom. 

On the left side, there is the Noise Cancelletion and on the extreme right, there is Transparency

Source: Techno Window

Both of these options could be the cause of the unpleasant noise in your ear. 

Simple, tap on the Off option in the middle. 

Source: Techno Window

Do you hear the noise anymore? No? Then we know for certain what caused it. 

There is another way you can turn off Noise cancellation on your phone. 

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: From the menu, tap on Bluetooth

You will see the name of your AirPods Pro amongst the paired devices. 

Tap the i button beside it. 

Step 3: Do you see the Noise Control Panel? 

The Noise Cancellation, Off, and Transparency options are presented in the same order. 

As suggested in the other method, tap on Off

Compared to transparency, it is the active noise cancellation that often leads to disturbing noise in the pods. Since it is working hard to eliminate all outside noises and putting pressure on the microphones on the pods, the high-pitched tone comes on instead. 

Fix AirPods Pro High-Pitched Noise By Cleaning

This method specifically works if the microphones of your pods are unclean or they have somehow been drowned in water. If it has sustained some temporary damage from water, letting the pods dry for a day or two should usually restore it to good health. If that does not work though, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Get a cotton bud. 

Step 2: Do you see the black microphone parts on your otherwise white AirPods?

Use the tip of the cotton bud to gently clean them. Remember, do not apply to much pressure. Just rub over them and keep on doing it for some time. 

Source: Saunderverse

Step 3: Let your pods charge once you are done. 

Then, restart your iPhone. 

Next time you plug your AirPods in, you should not hear the whining notes anymore. 

If this still doesn’t fix the issue, it is better to get your AirPods replaced. If your device is still under a year old, you will get the item replaced for free. 

Fix AirPods Pro High-Pitched Noise By Ejecting Water

This is a relatively easy process, similar to what Apple Watch does to remove water. However, if you don’t feel confident enough in your abilities to tinker with your precious AirPods, it might be better to leave it at an Apple repair shop. 

Step 1: Go to Youtube. 

Search for Sounds to eject water from airpods. 

Step 2: For your AirPods, detach the tips gently from the Pods. 

Source: iDeviceHelp

Step 3: Turn on Transparency mode. 

Go to Settings and then Bluetooth

Under Bluetooth, you will find your Pods name. Tap the i button so you can find Noise Control under it. 

Simply tap on the Trasnprency mode option to turn it on. 

Source: iDeviceHelp

Step 4: Now, play any of the sounds you found on Youtube. 

Use your fingers to cover the top part of the pods, where the sensors are. 

Source: iDeviceHelp

Then, just keep the pods in your arms that way. 

The sounds reaching your earbuds work at a frequency that forces the water slowly out of it. 

This is going to take some time. Keep on doing it until you see your AirPods are working properly again. 

Final Thoughts

High-pitched noises are a common concern in AirPods and for the most part, it is always caused by dirt, water, or in rare cases, faulty products. If your product is under warranty, immediately visiting an Apple center would be the best option. 

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