10 best behind the neck Bluetooth headphones (and neckband)

Headsets are a simple accessory that you use to listen to music. However, choosing the right model has now become not-so-simple, considering the endless options available online. Choose a conventional wired headset and you have to deal with the hassle of tangled up wires, and go for a pair of truly wireless earbuds and you risk losing them.

Behind the neck headsets sit in the sweet spot. They don’t have long-length wires that can get tangled, nor are they unconstrained enough (like truly wireless earbuds) to the point that there is a risk of losing them. In other words, if you prefer the freedom of a wireless design but also want to prioritize safety, you cannot go wrong with a behind the neck headset.

This list can come as a great find for you if you are planning to get your hands on one. We have done extensive research and compiled some of the best behind the neck Bluetooth headphones available online. Regardless of the budget you have and the headset design you want to go for, we recommend considering these features to make your wireless listening experience an enjoyable one. 

  • Bluetooth version 4.0 – even if you are planning to go for an affordable behind the neck Bluetooth headset, choose one that has at least Bluetooth version 4.0 for reliability in terms of connectivity. 
  • Noise cancellation technology – if making calls is a significant part of your requirement in a Bluetooth headset, it’s worth going for a model that uses the noise cancellation technology. This feature ensures call audio clarity even in noisy environments. 
  • Battery backup – behind the neck and neckband Bluetooth headphones that have a minimum of 8 hours of listening time offer a true wireless listening experience. 
  • Vibration feature – if you prefer to keep your phone on silent at work and other places, it’s good to go for a Bluetooth headset that includes the call vibration feature. This feature will ensure that you never miss out on calls and notifications. 
  • Voice assistant support – neckband and behind the neck Bluetooth headphones with voice assistant support will make it easy for you to prompt your phone’s voice assistant. 

Review of best behind the neck Bluetooth headphones

Mpow Jaws – for super-fast Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity

Bluetooth headsets (of all types) that are the best performing are the ones that use Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Some of the best behind the neck Bluetooth headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, including the Mpow Jaws, get an edge over other wireless headsets in terms of lower audio latency. 

Whether you are a dedicated audiophile or want a Bluetooth headset that you can use for listening to music as well as take work and family calls, this model will not let you down. 

A feature-packed neckband headset at an affordable price point

Mpow Jaws uses an advanced CSR 8635 chipset to power Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to enhance the overall wireless audio listening experience. Despite the compact design of the earbuds, the brand has used 8 mm dynamic drivers which do not fail to deliver punchy bass and crystal clear mids.

This Bluetooth headset is perfect for taking work and family calls as well. It has a high-quality noise-canceling mic that significantly lowers background noises to make your voice sound clear and distortion-free. Also, this model offers up to 18 hours of playtime with a whopping 450 hours of standby time. 

The comfort and ergonomics of Mpow Jaws are on point. The magnetic design makes it easy for you to secure the earbuds on to the neckband unit. For ensuring a high level of comfort, the brand has included extra ear tips of different sizes which you can choose as per your ear size. Volume and play/pause buttons are available for controls. 


  • ● Bluetooth version 5.0 used
  • ● Up to 18 hours of playtime
  • ● Noise cancellation technology used
  • ● 8 mm dynamic drivers deliver punchy bass
  • ● Support for voice assistants included
  • Cons:
  • ● Not the most compact design
  • ● Not the best build quality
  • ● No dedicated mute button

Beartwo SX-990 – behind the neck Bluetooth headset with a foldable design 

When exploring your options for a behind the neck Bluetooth headset, you don’t necessarily have to make compromises in terms of compactness and portability. This is because models such as Beartwo SX-990 offer the full-fledged functionality of a standard behind the neck headset with uncompromised portability. 

This Bluetooth headset combines the innovative retractable function of retractable earbuds with a folding design which makes it easy for you to carry it ergonomically wherever you go. If you want the best of portability as well as high-quality audio performance, you cannot go wrong with this model.

High-quality audio performance in a compact and portable form factor

Beartwo SX-990 uses Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to make it easy for you to pair it with your go-to devices. Audiophiles will not be disappointed with this headset as it includes a bass boost feature that delivers warm bass tones. 

Making and taking calls is an enjoyable experience in this model as it includes noise cancellation technology. Similar to high-end around the neck headphones, this model includes a vibration feature that notifies you of calls. The brand has also included the support for Siri voice assistant.

Beartwo SX-990 has a lightweight design and therefore doesn’t feel tiring even if you wear it for long hours on end. The widely-spaced layout of the control buttons improves user experience. Extra ear tips, a USB charging cable, and one carrying case are the accessories included with this model. 


  • ● Bluetooth version 4.0 used
  • ● Noise cancellation feature included
  • ● Sweat-proof design
  • ● Retractable earbuds
  • ● Folding neckband design
  • ● Multipoint connection feature supported


  • ● Average build quality
  • ● No dedicated mute button

Sony C400 – for Bluetooth and NFC connectivity

Many people highly prioritize aesthetics when it comes to choosing a Bluetooth headset. If you fall into this category, you cannot go wrong with Sony C400 as it is one of the best around the neck Bluetooth headset on this list in terms of the overall style. 

Apart from sporting a modern look, this Bluetooth headset also packs a punch with a wide range of features that improve your wireless listening experience. The sleek profile of this headset also makes it highly comfortable to wear. 

A sleek neckband headset with top of the line functionalities

Compared to some of the high-end over the neck headsets, Sony C400 also offers NFC connectivity apart from Bluetooth connectivity. With just a touch, you can connect the headset to any device using Bluetooth as well as NFC. 

In terms of sound quality, this headset does not fail to impress as it uses 9 mm neodymium sound drivers that adapt to the type of music you are listening to. This model also packs a punch in terms of battery life as it offers 20 hours of playtime and talk time. 

Sony C400 is highly comfortable to wear, thanks to its sleek and lightweight design. This model also ensures hassle-free cable management with a dedicated cable adjuster. The vibrating neckband ensures that you do not miss out on any call and notification. Also, this headset includes one power button, a volume button, and one play/pause button for controls. 

Pros: ● Bluetooth and NFC connectivity supported● 9 mm neodymium sound drivers used● Vibrating feature included● Sleek and lightweight overall design● Up to 20 hours of playtime and talk time

Cons:● Noise cancellation feature not used● No support for multipoint connection● No dedicated mute button

Besign SH03 – for dynamic high-fidelity sound 

Choosing a wraparound neck headset doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make compromises in terms of sound quality. This is because some of the best around the neck Bluetooth headsets, including Besign SH03 use large-sized sound drivers to let users experience a full-fledged audio experience along with wireless connectivity. 

This Bluetooth headset helps you enjoy a high-quality audio experience on-the-go with its secure fitting. If you prefer the convenience of wireless connectivity and don’t want to make compromises in terms of audio quality, you cannot go wrong with this model. 

High-performance audio with wireless connectivity

Besign SH03 ensures reliable and super-fast wireless connectivity with Bluetooth version 4.1 and EDR support. This model gives tough competition to many Bluetooth headphones as it uses 36 mm sound drivers to deliver dynamic audio performance. 

Apart from music listening, this Bluetooth headset is also great for taking calls as it includes a high-quality mic that is backed by the noise cancellation feature. It also delivers playtime of up to a whopping 24 hours. The support for voice assistant and voice commands makes this headset more attractive in its price point. 

Besign SH03 is highly comfortable to wear; its neckband ensures a secure fitting without lowering the comfort level. Despite the large-sized over-the-ear earbuds, this headset has a lightweight design. Also, the dedicated volume and power button make this headset easy to use. 

Pros: ● Bluetooth and EDR connectivity supported● Up to 25 hours of playtime● Noise cancellation feature included● Foldable design for uncompromised portability● Memory foam padding on the earbuds

Cons:● Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity isn’t the best● Large-sized earbuds may not be favorable for some● No dedicated mute button

Phaiser BHS-530 – for sports and workouts 

If you are someone who prefers to listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts when working out or practicing sports, you’ll need a Bluetooth headset that offers secure fitting as well as high-quality audio performance. One such model is the Phaiser BHS-530.

This Bluetooth headset is specially designed for sports and workouts. With punchy audio, lightweight design, and comfortable yet secure fitting, this model is sure to elevate your workout/sports-practicing experience. 

High-performance audio for high-performance workouts/sports practice sessions

Phaiser BHS-530 ensures reliability and speed in wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. This headset uses 8 mm dynamic drivers to ensure precision in audio performance. The headset’s mic uses noise cancellation technology to deliver crisp call audio.

This Bluetooth headset delivers up to 11 hours of playtime and 350 hours of standby time. Similar to some of the best neckband Bluetooth headsets in the premium price category, this model has an IP4 water resistance rating. 

Phaiser BHS-530 offers a secure and comfortable fitting with its ergonomic behind the neck design. The memory neckband wire of the headset effortlessly adapts to different head sizes. For controls, one volume button, and one multifunction play/pause button are available. 

Pros: ● Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity● Up to 11 hours of playtime● IP4 water resistance rating● Memory neckband design● Memory from ear tips included

Cons:● Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connectivity isn’t the best● No dedicated call mute button● Multipoint connection feature not included● The design may be a bit bulky for some

Hussar MagicBuds – another great headset for sports and workouts

If you want good audio performance from a workout/sports headset and also prefer a compact and portable design, you cannot go wrong with Hussar MagicBuds. This headset has one of the most minimal designs compared to other models in this list. 

What is interesting to know is that this model packs a wide range of high-end features despite its compact form factor. Also, the fact that this model has improved DSP optimization makes it one of the best around the neck Bluetooth headsets for sports and workouts. 

Powerful audio performance in a compact and lightweight form factor

Hussar MagicBuds is one of the best neckband headsets in this list in terms of wireless connectivity performance as it uses Bluetooth 5.0. The high-fidelity drivers of the headset don’t fail to deliver crystal clear treble and deep bass. 

This Bluetooth headset uses CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology to ensure all the calls you take and make are distortion-free and crystal clear. With up to 9 hours of playtime, this Bluetooth headset backs you up for your entire workout/sports-practicing sessions. 

Hussar MagicBuds offers uncompromised sweat and water resistance with an IP7 rating. The headset also offers a secure fit with ergonomic and comfortable ear hooks. For controls, one dedicated power button, and one volume buttons are available. Extra ear tips, memory foam ear tips, a carrying hook, a cable clamp, and a carrying case are the accessories included. 

Pros: ● Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity● IP7 water resistance rating● Noise canceling feature included● Memory foam ear tips included● Cable adjustment clamp included● Voice prompts supported

Cons:● Multipoint connectivity not supported● Maximum playtime is limited to 9 hours● The vibration feature is not included 

AfterShokz Air – for bone conduction audio experience

Wireless bone conduction headsets have been making it big lately. By using bone conduction audio transmission technology, these types of headsets work wonders in allowing users to enjoy music and take calls while being fully aware of their surroundings. 

One of the most popular bone conduction headsets available online is AfterShokz Air. With a slightly higher price tag, this headset brings a wide array of functionalities to the table. Also, it exceeds expectations in terms of wear comfort and safety. 

Innovative audio technology with myriad functionalities

AfterShokz Air uses Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity to help you stay connected at all times. The headset also supports multipoint pairing for both iOS and Android devices. Despite using bone conduction audio transmission technology, this headset delivers rich bass and a wide dynamic range with a frequency response of up to 20KHz. 

This Bluetooth headset is well-suited for sports and workout as well; it features an IP55 rating which makes it moisture, dust, and sweat resistant. Taking and making crystal-clear audio calls isn’t a problem with this headset as it uses two noise cancelling mics. 

AfterShokz Air has a lightweight form factor and minimal design. Its high-quality wraparound neck titanium frame ensures a secure and comfortable fitting, even for extended usages. This headset offers simplicity in terms of controls; it includes just three buttons, two volume buttons, and one multifunction button. The volume up button perform double duty as a power button. 

Pros: ● Bone conduction audio transmission technology used● Multipoint pairing feature included● Wide dynamic audio range● High-quality titanium neckband frame used● IP55 rating● Premium look and feel

Cons:● Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity isn’t the best● Maximum playtime limited to just 6 hours

Exfit BCS-700 – retractable bluetooth headset with audio transparency

Retractable earbuds are an unmistakable pick if you don’t want to go to the hassle of managing the earbud cables. Exfit BCS-700 comes one par with some of the best retractable Bluetooth headsets in terms of simple cable management and also with its myraid features. 

This headset has a sleek profile and therefore is perfect for those who prefer a discreet-like look. Despite the sleek profile, the brand hasn’t made any compromises on the functionalities side of things. 

Uncompromised convenience with a retractable design

Exfit BCS-700 uses Bluetooth 4.2 to ensure a reliable and low-latency wireless connectivity. The headset uses 8 mm speaker drivers to deliver a dynamic and responsive audio performance. Also, the addition of audio transparency mode makes this headset come on par with some of the best behind the neck Bluetooth headphones. 

This Bluetooth headset lets you take HD voice calls with a noise cancelling mic. Answering calls is the easiest in this model as the brand has combined vibration alert with pull-to-answer earbud design. Ending the calls is as simple as pulling back the earbuds. 

Exfit BCS-700 is easy and comfortable to wear even for long hours, thanks to its lightweight neckband frame. Also, it is resistant against splash and sweat as it has an IP4-certified design. One play/pause/mute button, two volume buttons, and one audio transparency button are available for controls.

Pros: ● Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity used● Audio transparency mode included● Noise cancellation feature included● Pull-to-answer retractable earbuds mechanism● Extra ear tips included

Cons:● Audio quality isn’t the best● Maximum playtime limited to just 8 hours● Average build quality

LG HBS-SL5 – retractable bluetooth headset with top-tier audio quality

It can be a real bummer if Bluetooth headsets can’t excel at the primary function of any headphone, and that is to deliver high-quality audio performance. LG HBS-SL5 certainly deserves the moniker of one of the best behind the neck Bluetooth headphones in terms of audio performance. 

This Bluetooth headset is powered by Meridian audio technology. What is interesting to know is that this model delivers high-performance audio in a sleek profile. In other words, it’s a sleek and well-performing Bluetooth headset that you cannot go wrong with. 

One of the best audio performances in a sleek profile

A significant part of the high-performance audio of LG HBS-SL5 lies in its low-latency Bluetooth 5 wireless connectivity. The dynamic sound drivers of the headset work well in adapting to a wide array of sound frequencies. The multi-layered diaphragm layout of the earbuds produces deep bass and punchy mids. 

This Bluetooth headset combines noise cancellation technology with dual microphone setup to deliver crystal-clear audio calls. Maximum playtime and talk time goes up to 8 hours. Although the playtime/talk time numbers aren’t the best when compared to other headsets, the brand has compensated by including a fast charging feature. 

LG HBS-SL5 ensures all day comfort with its lightweight and ergonomic around-the-neck design. The vibrating design of the neckband makes sure that you never miss a call. Controlling the headset is made easy with the availability of two volume buttons, and one play/pause/call answering button. 

Pros: ● Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity used● Meridian audio technology used● Type C fast charging supported● Dual microphone setup● Vibration alert feature included● Sleek and lightweight overall design

Cons:● Maximum talk time and playtime limited to just 8 hours● Low battery warning prompt not included● Design is not sweatproof or splashproof

Samsung U Flex – for premium audio experience and build quality 

Samsung wireless headsets have gained quite a reputation in the market for sometime. This mainly has got to do with the impressive balance of quality and audio performance that the brand puts out. Among several neckband headsets in the brand’s lineup, Samsung U Flex is one of the most popular models.

This Bluetooth headset has a one-of-a-kind design. The most interesting bit about this model is that it has a portable design as compared to other Bluetooth headsets from the brand. This headset makes no compromises on the audio department as well. 

High-quality audio performance in a trendy and portable form factor

Samsung U Flex is easy to pair with all your devices as it uses Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. In terms of audio quality, it definitely is one of the best neckband Bluetooth headsets as it uses 8 mm tweeters and 11 mm woofers to deliver a rich audio experience. 

This Bluetooth headset uses a high-quality mic to maintain clarity in audio calls. This way, you do not face communication issues when taking work and family calls. Samsung has designed this headset to offer up to 8 hours of talk time and playtime. 

Samsung U Flex also performs double duty as a workout/sports headset as it has sweat and splash-resistant coating. The flexible, bendable design of the neckband makes it easy for you to carry the headset with you wherever you go. For controls, one play/pause button, two volume buttons, and one multifunction button are available. 

Pros: ● Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity used● High-quality audio performance● Voice prompts included● Sweat and splash-resistant design● Multipoint connectivity supported● Premium look and feel

Cons:● Noise cancellation feature not included ● Music playtime and talk time limited to 8 hours


1. Which is better: headphones or neckband?

Over-the-ear headphones and neckbands are both good. If you want to prioritise audio quality over portability, you cannot go wrong with an over-the-ear headphone. However, if you prefer portability over audio performance, a neckband will be the right pick for you. 

2. Are wireless earbuds better than wired?

In some ways. Wireless earbuds are better than their white counterparts in terms of their wireless design and portability. For little to no audio latency, wired earbuds are the best. 

3. What are the disadvantages of wireless headphones?

Audio latency traditionally used to be a major disadvantage. However, modern wireless headsets have very low audio latency. The risk of losing wireless headphones (especially small-sized earbuds) is another disadvantage. 

4. Are neckband headphones good for running?

Neckband headsets that offer a secure fitting and have a sweat-proof design and good for running and playing/practising sports. 

5. How do you wear behind the neck headphones?

Wearing any behind the neck headphone is as simple as tucking the neckband of the headset over your neck. 

6. Are neckbands secure than wireless earbuds?

Yes. Neckbands offer more secure fitting than many wireless earbuds. However, many recently-launched wireless in-ear earbuds have ergonomically-designed ear tips that offer a secure, non-slipping fitting. 


Similar to almost all types of electronic devices, Bluetooth neckband headset models aren’t equipped with every feature and functionality that is available. For example, if you prefer a sports/workout Bluetooth headset, you may not get the best audio performance. 

On the other hand, if you prefer audio quality, you may not get the best fitting or portability. Therefore, it is important to prioritise your primary requirement just like you would do when shopping for other types of electronic devices.

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