Bluetooth headphones connected but no sound

You are getting ready for a very important meeting/conference. You connect your Bluetooth headphones and patiently wait for the meeting to start.

When it does, you find that the others are having issues with their mic/network, due to which you are not able to hear them. 

You write a message asking them if the issue is from their end. But to your surprise, you find out later that only you are the one who is not able to hear anything. 

You check your Bluetooth connection and find your Bluetooth headphones paired, but there’s no sound.

Apart from getting shocked, what will you do?

No matter whether you are in an important meeting or getting ready to watch your favorite web series, if you use Bluetooth headphones, you may end up facing such an issue at any time. If your Bluetooth headphones are connected, but there’s no sound, don’t panic.

Because here is a complete troubleshooting article that explains how you can deal with this problem. Trying out some basic troubleshooting tips can do the magic for you, and that’s exactly why we are going to start with simple solutions.

Solution 1: Check Volume levels [Windows/Mac/Android/iOS]

When you are not able to hear any audio, the first thing that you should be doing is checking the volume levels. 

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Instead of rushing directly to the troubleshooting steps, it is better to check out all the options and see if something has gone wrong with the sound settings.

On Windows devices, pressing the speaker icon next to the date and time in the taskbar will bring up the volume levels. You can switch between the connected speakers and adjust them to change the volume levels.

On Mac devices, you can open sound settings in System preferences and see if the volume is turned down.

For Android and iOS devices, pressing the volume up button should suffice. It will bring up the volume control panel where you can adjust the volume settings. If you still hear no media audio on your Android via Bluetooth, then check out the next fix.

Solution 2: Check if a different audio device is connected [Windows/Mac/Android/iOS]

If you are using multiple Bluetooth devices at your home, and there are chances that your PC/smartphone might have connected to another device apart from your Bluetooth headphones. In that case, even if your Bluetooth headphones are paired, but there will be no sound.

On Windows machines, search the start menu for ‘Bluetooth’ and open ‘Bluetooth and other devices’. This setting will give you access to a window where you can check out the connected Bluetooth devices. Disconnect the one that you are not using.

Remember to disconnect the extra audio devices to avoid confusion.

On Mac machines, you will have to go to System preferences > Bluetooth to get a list of connected Bluetooth devices. You can remove the one that you don’t need.

To check if any other Bluetooth devices are connected to your Android or iOS device, just open the Settings application and tap on Bluetooth settings. 

Solution 3: Restart and Reconnect your Bluetooth headphones [Windows/Mac/Android/iOS]

Next up, we are going to try restarting and reconnecting your Bluetooth headphones and see if that works. 

Step 1: Press the power button to turn off the Bluetooth headphones.

Step 2: Once the Bluetooth headset has turned off, press the power button again to turn it back on.

Step 3: While you wait for your headphones to restart, you can restart your PC/Smartphone as well.

Step 4: Now, reconnect your Bluetooth headphones to your device. 

If this doesn’t work out, we have to take slightly more complicated approaches. Check out the next section to understand what we mean.

Solution 4: Update/Reinstall Bluetooth audio driver [Windows]

Updating audio drivers can solve some typical issues with peripherals. Let’s check out how you can update/reinstall the Bluetooth audio driver on Windows. 

If your Bluetooth headphones are not working on windows 10, then you will find this very relevant because that’s the OS we are using for demonstration. Users having other Windows OS can also follow this.

Step 1: Right-click on This PC icon on the desktop.

Step 2: Open Device Manager > Bluetooth > ‘_your bluetooth headphones_’ > Properties.

Step 3: In the window that opens up, switch to the Driver tab.

Step 4: You can first try to update the driver, and if that doesn’t work, try reinstalling it.

Step 5: If you choose to update the driver, select the Search automatically for drivers option in the menu.

Step 6: If you decide to uninstall the driver, just proceed with the steps shown on the screen.

Step 7: You have to restart your PC and your headphones and pair them again for Windows to reinstall the driver for you. It will be done automatically once you reconnect your headphones.

All the problems related to the Bluetooth audio drivers should now get solved. 

Solution 5: Reset Bluetooth module [Mac]

It isn’t as easy as it is on Windows to reinstall a driver on Mac, but the one thing that you can do is resetting the Bluetooth module. This can clear out some minor bugs that might have crept into the system.

Step 1: Hold shift on the keyboard and click on the Bluetooth icon on top of the home screen.

Step 2: Press the debug button and select Remove all devices.

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Step 3: Accept the warning.

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Step 4: Press the shift key on the keyboard again and click on the Bluetooth icon.

Step 5: This time, select Reset the Bluetooth module under Debug menu instead of Remove all devices.

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Step 6: Accept the popup again.

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That’s it. You can now pair your Bluetooth device again and see if they start working fine.

Solution  6: Replace your Bluetooth headphones [Windows/Mac/Android/iOS]

Obviously, if your Bluetooth headphones are paired but still there’s no sound and nothing else works, the last option that remains with you is to switch your audio devices. 

To find out if your headphones are working fine or not, connect some other Bluetooth audio device to your PC/smartphone. 

This need not be another headphone. Anything from a small Bluetooth speaker to a home theatre system will work fine. 

Final words

If the substitute wireless audio system starts working properly on your device, that means something is definitely wrong with your current Bluetooth headphones. 

If your headphones are still under warranty, you can contact your manufacturer. However, if they are out of warranty, you can consider buying new ones. 

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