Can you use Bluetooth headphones on a plane?

The short answer to the question ‘Can you use Bluetooth headphones on a plane?’ is yes.

It is certainly possible for you to carry your Bluetooth headphones. But things start to get a little confusing once we begin considering the different rules laid down by airline companies worldwide. Even within the same country, there are differences between the regulations of other airline companies.

So here is an article that explains if you can use Bluetooth headphones when traveling on a plane. In the last section of this article, we have prepared a table that can give you a rough idea about when you can (or can not) use Bluetooth headphones on different Airlines. So make sure you don’t miss checking that table out.

The Airplane mode

The Airplane mode is a feature that cuts off all the wireless communications of a smartphone when activated. It also cuts off Bluetooth connectivity which is the root of all the confusion that arises around it. A lot of people have started believing that using Bluetooth on airplanes is prohibited, which is not true. Using short-range wireless communication is safe on planes.

Most of the time, you get the facility to connect to the plane’s WiFi network and enjoy the content stored on their network-attached storage. You can not access the internet using this network for obvious reasons, but you can surely watch a handful of movies, listen to music and read e-books. The choice is limited but enough to keep you entertained during boring times.

Risks associated with using Bluetooth headphones on a Plane

Having said that short-range wireless communication is safe on airplanes, there are some other indirect effects of using the technology which may put you and your co-passengers at risk of an accident. The biggest risk associated with all the headphones, in general, is that they can distract you, and due to that, you may miss important announcements. This can create a situation in emergencies.

Note: Never use headphones when a security announcement is going on.

Different rules for different airlines

Though it is impossible to make an exhaustive list of rules that apply for different airlines, we have tried to put together information from various sources in the following table. You can refer to it and find out which airlines allow Bluetooth headphones on board.

AirlinesBluetooth headphones allowed during FlightBluetooth headphones allowed during Takeoff/Landing
American AirlinesYesNo
United AirlinesYesYes
Southwest airlinesYesNo
Alaska AirlinesYesYes
Spirit AirlinesYesYes
Air CanadaYes (after reaching a height of 10,000 meters, the device should have a removable battery)No
Air FranceYesYes
British AirwaysYesNo

Note: Although the information provided in this article is accurate to the best of our knowledge, we still recommend you to check the official website of the airlines you are traveling with to make sure you are up-to-date with the latest information.

How to pick the right Bluetooth headphone for use on a plane?

When on a journey, comfort and portability are the two things that matter the most (even more than the sound quality). Since there is very limited space in bags and weight constraints, always speak the headphone that does not weigh much and can fit in a small space.


The bottom line of the discussion is that even though Bluetooth headphones are allowed on most flights, you should always check out the website of the airlines that you are traveling with to make sure that Bluetooth headphones are allowed on your journey. You can also visit the reception desk at airports and get doubts clarified.

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