[Fix] Chromebook Microphone Not Working with 6 Solutions

Is the Microphone on your Chromebook not working? We’ve found various ways to fix it. Read on to know more!

Chromebook users have faced issues when it comes to finding a proper solution to any problem due to its operating system – which most users aren’t comfortable with when they switch from Windows OS or macOS. 

That said, when the microphone isn’t working on your Chromebook, the best way to identify the issue is to verify whether the audio (or sound) is muted or not. 

To do the same, just press the up or down volume key on your Chromebook. Of course, there is a working method (a hardware fix though) to fix the issue but that might turn out to be too technical if you aren’t comfortable doing so. 

Why is my microphone not working on Chromebook?

If you’re wondering what went wrong with the microphone on your Chromebook, here’s what it means. 

  • The microphone’s sensitivity is too low.
  • Poor audio quality.
  • A defective microphone.
  • Common hardware issues 
  • No permission for an app or a site to access the microphone etc. 

Fixing Chromebook Microphone Using Different Methods

Given the fact that there are multiple reasons why the Chromebook microphone isn’t working, there are various ways you can fix the same. 

Note: Before you proceed with these methods, ensure that your microphone isn’t muted. 

1. Check Microphone Quality

In order to know whether your microphone’s quality is good or not, head over to this website 

  1. Click on to Test my mic option to record the sound. 
  2. It will now ask permission to use your microphone. Click on “Allow” and proceed to make some noise so that the sound can be tested on the website. 

This will now show you the results on the left-hand side by giving you the quality rating. 

Ignore the question marks in the above picture. Quality rating – if anything above 300+ is to be good. But if it’s above 500, that’s even better.  

2. Check Microphone Permission of a Website or App

It’s always better to get the basics right before you jump down into the technical aspects of fixing microphone issues on Chromebook. 

Say if you’re using Discord on your Chrome browser and the microphone isn’t working. In such cases, you need to allow the microphone permission when it asks you the same. 

Image Credit: HowtoGeek

3. Disable One of Your Chrome Extensions

At times, when you’re using a microphone on a website in a Chrome browser, you might face sound issues and that could potentially be due to one of your Chrome extensions. So it’s better to disable one by one and check if the microphone works. Here’s how to disable an extension in a Chrome browser. 

  1. Click on the three dots on the top-right corner of your Chrome browser. Now, click on More tools and then click on Extensions.
  1. Now, toggle off the extensions that you want to disable from the list. 
  1. Once done, test your microphone and repeat the above steps by disabling extensions one by one to see if that fixes the issue. 

4. Remove External Devices

Few hardware fixes might seem to be funny but they may actually work if a particular device is interfering with the microphone. Devices such as USB, mouse, earphone, headphones, pen drive, etc. can be removed if you’re using any. 

While this isn’t the best method to fix the issue, it may work for you if one of these external devices isn’t aligning with your microphone. 

5. Add an External Source for Microphone

If your default microphone isn’t working on Chromebook, it’s better to part ways from it and switch to an external USB microphone or a Bluetooth headset. 

This eliminates the hardware issues if any and you can get that fixed later on if you’re not a tech person to fix it on your own. 

6. Hard Reset Your Chromebook

This should surely fix the issue if it was a bug on your Chromebook. To hard reset your Chromebook, hold the refresh button and tap on the power button simultaneously. 

If you’re still not able to fix the issue, we recommend you to take help from the Chromebook community

Final Words

While it may seem frustrating to get rid of microphone issues on Chromebook, it’s easier to fix it when you have multiple ways to try. Should you have any concerns, do let us know via the comments below. 

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