Discord Not Detecting Mic – 9 Fixes

Discord is primarily a community-building platform, and its simple yet powerful interface has helped a lot of communities grow, especially the gaming community. However, since it is a VoIP program, mic difficulties are rather prevalent among its users, as they are with other VoIP apps. 

And one of the most common among these problems is the Discord not Detecting mic problem where you can hear your buddy’s voice, but they can’t listen to yours. And as a gamer, it can be pretty annoying. 

Discord Not Detecting Mic

So, in this article, we will give you five fixes on Discord, not Detecting mic, which will help you start playing your favorite games while chatting with your friends without interruption. So, let’s begin.

Why is Discord not Detecting mic?

These are some of the less apparent reasons why your Discord isn’t detecting your mic:

  • An incorrect mic is configured as the primary audio device.
  • The Audio drivers are outdated in your system
  • Your mic input is not functioning properly 
  • Your mic is broken
  • A possible malware is interfering with your App.

Fixes For Discord not Detecting Mic

There are two essential things to note before jumping down on the fixes. First, the discord app settings will remain the same for mac users, so don’t worry if you are a mac user and think these fixes will not work for you. Second, the Discord web app and desktop windows app are more or less the same so that you can use the same fixes there too. 

Fix 1: Allow microphone access. the 

It’s possible that following a software upgrade, your operating system has disabled access to your microphone and other hardware components from the third-party programs, including Discord. As a result, enabling microphone access to your Discord may resolve your problem.

Follow the instructions below to provide microphone access to your Discord app.

Step1- Navigate to the windows search bar and search “Microsoft privacy settings.” This setting can be different depending on your OS.

Step2- Under microphone settings, select “allow desktop apps to access your microphone settings.”

Step3- Turn it on; this; itKrisp offers the Echo Cancellation service in Discord will allow your mic to access your Discord.

Fix 2: Disable Echo Cancellation in Discord:

Krisp offers the Echo Cancellation service in Discord, and it is third-party software that supposedly cancels the noise from outside. The feature ensures that your friends can clearly hear what you are saying.

However, this function may occasionally work against you by muting your microphone in the midst of your statements, which can be quite Annoying. So, this is how you can disable this feature. 

Step1- Open the Discord App and join a voice chat by double-clicking on it.

Step2- Check for an icon with some vertical lines arranged variedly. The icon should be near the “End Call” option.

Step3- Clicking on the icon will show you “Noise Suppression by Krisp.”

Step4- Disable it to turn off Echo Cancellation, you can also disable the echo cancellation by going to voice processing settings in Discord.

Note:- This feature is not available in Discord Web App.

Fix 3: Reset Discord Voice Settings:

If the above methods don’t work, try resetting your Discord Voice Settings. This will change your settings to their default state by removing any misconfiguration in the settings.

Here’s how you can Reset Discord Voice Settings for Discord not Detecting mic:

Step 1- Navigate to user settings at the bottom of the App near your profile; the settings option looks like a cogwheel.

Step 2- Click on Voice and Video under App settings.

Step 3- Scroll down to the end and search for reset voice settings.

Step 4- Click on reset voice settings.


Step 5- Hit okay to confirm on the reset voice settings popup.

Fix 4: Running Discord as Administrator

Running Discord as Administrator is the first thing Discord’s customer service recommends. This is because Discord uses UDP to send your data over the Internet and to your friends, and Discord might not have the necessary permissions to do so. 

So, most of the time, Running Discord as Administrator solves this problem of Discord not Detecting the mic.

Step 1- Go to your Discord app on windows, right-click on it, and select “ Run Discord as Administrator. 

Fix 5: Setting the correct default mic on Discord

If the above fix hasn’t worked out, the chances are that Discord is not using the intended microphone in the first place. Sometimes Discord makes odd choices like leaving the input device as default.

This problem usually occurs with laptops and desktops having a built-in mic, and these mics don’t have the necessary drivers to work with a VoIP service like discord. Therefore it becomes imperative to select your mic manually.

And this is how you can do it:

Step 1- Go to user settings in the bottom left corner of the Discord app.

Step 2- Navigate to voice and video under the app setting header.

Step 3- You will see the default mic in the input device section, click on it, and select your preferred mic.

Pro Tip: 

If you are unsure what mic you are using, click on the audio icon in the bottom right corner and hit “recording devices,” then speak in your mic and check which mic icon lights up.

FAQ’S(Discord Not Detecting Mic)

Discord mic stops working randomly

Try to unplug and replug the mic, check if the mic works for other applications or not. Run audio tests on the mic, make sure the mic is not broken. Reset Discord voice settings using the Fix above. If nothing works, contact Discord customer service.

Discord not detecting mic mobile

Try all the fixes given above, reboot your phone and check if the input sensitivity is turned on under voice and video. 

 Discord not detecting mic Windows 10

A quick solution to this problem can be to restart your pc and grant access to your microphone using Microsoft privacy settings. Detailed steps are given above; check to fix 1.


If the above fixes don’t work out for you, you can try troubleshooting Discord by restarting your pc, getting logged out, and logging in again; you can run an Antivirus scan. It will tell you if your pc has any malware in it.

Most of the time, these fixes should work fine. Still, if they fail, you can always contact the customer care service of Discord using their official Twitter handle, email, or whatever communication medium is available in their help department. 

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