Do AirPods Have a Mic?

Apple came up with AirPods in 2016 and has since launched three generations of AirPods. Earbuds are primarily auditory devices meant for listening to songs or podcasts. But with time, they have evolved with built-in microphones to facilitate high-quality audio and video calls.

So if you are wondering if AirPods have a mic, then Yes! AirPods have a mic in both earbuds. These built-in mics not only facilitate hands-free calls but also let you give voice commands to ‘Siri,’ the virtual assistant on Apple devices.

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Where Do AirPods have a Mic?

There are at least two mics in both models of AirPods. One of them is placed at the bottom of its stem and another on the side of the earbud. Both these microphones have noise-reduction features to eliminate the background noise and are ideal for phone calls.

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In the AirPod Pro, Apple has added two additional microphones. You will be surprised to know that these mics are actually placed on the inner portion of the earbud. When you wear your AirPods, these mics are used to analyze the sound produced by earbuds in your ears.

It helps AirPods to tune the sound quality specifically for your ears. This also allows them in active noise cancellation. They identify the leak-through noises and actively cancel them by producing anti-noise waves.

Apple products come equipped with safety features such as Transparency mode. It allows you to listen to the sounds of your surroundings even while wearing your earbuds. Internal mics of the AirPod pro are used for this feature.

How to use AirPods

To start using your AirPods, you first need to pair them with your phone. If you are on iCloud, it will then automatically pair with all your devices.

How to Pair your AirPods

Follow these steps to connect your Apple AirPods with your iPhone:

  • Unlock your iPhone and go to your Home screen.
  • Place your AirPods case near your phone and make sure the AirPods are inside the case.
  • Open the lid of the AirPods case. You will see a prompt on your home screen to connect your AirPods.
  • Touch the ‘Connect’ button to pair your phone with your AirPods.
  • Click on the ‘Done’ button to complete the process. Now you can use your AirPods.

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How to answer calls with your AirPod

You can answer or decline incoming calls with your AirPods conveniently. To pick up an incoming call, press the force sensor on the stem of your AirPod. If you have the 1st or 2nd generation AirPods, then double-tap on the earbuds to answer calls.

On 3rd gen AirPods, you can decline the incoming call by double-clicking on the force sensor. It will send the caller directly to your voicemail.

AirPods volume control

AirPods come with a force sensor on their stem for volume control. If you want to play or pause an audio or video, you have to press the sensor. You can resume the playback by pressing the sensor again. Some other touch controls are:

  • Press the force sensor twice to skip forward the media.
  • You can also skip backward by pressing the force sensor thrice.
  • You can turn the volume up or down using the mic of your earbuds. Say “Hey Siri” to activate the virtual assistant and then say “Turn down the volume” or “Turn up the volume.”

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How does the mic work on AirPods

By default, the external microphones of your earbuds are set to ‘Always Listening’ for voice commands to Siri. You can set your preference of active mic as per your convenience. You can choose the left or right earbud or you can also put it on ‘Automatic.’

On ‘Automatic’ mode, the AirPod itself decides which of the two earbuds are producing better quality sound. The earbud with lesser noise is then set as the active mic for voice commands.

How to keep AirPod mics safe

There are a few things that you should know for proper upkeep and maintenance of your AirPod mic. These are as follows:

  • AirPods are water-resistant but not fully waterproof so keep them away from water or any other liquid. Water can short-circuit your AirPod damaging its mic and speakers.
  • Do not tamper with the mesh over the mics of your earbud.
  • Use a dry cloth or cotton swab to gently clean off the mesh over the mic and speakers.
  • Do not use earbuds or put them back in the case if it is wet.
  • Food or chemical stains can be prevented by cleaning with a cotton swab or dry cloth. Do not use other chemicals or water for cleaning.
  • The AirPod case is not even water-resistant, so keep it away from water or any liquid.

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Do Apple AirPods have a good mic

Apple AirPods are equipped with high-quality in-built mics. These are strategically placed for good sound reception to facilitate effective and comfortable communication. Besides superior quality sound reception, they also have multiple other benefits.

These mics assist in advanced transparency mode that allows outside sounds to come through your earbuds. It helps you listen to the sounds of your surroundings. It is helpful when you are walking along footpaths or crossing roads with earbuds in your ear.

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Apple AirPods can detect if it is in your ears through their motion sensors. If you are not using them, their mics become inactive automatically.

This feature is especially useful when you don’t want to use both pods. Even if you are using one of the pods, the mic still works. No noise goes through the other earbud which you are not using.

Smart speech detectors with these mics help filter out the external noises and emphasize the internal voice for the best calling experience.

How to test AirPods Mic?

You should check the working condition when you buy a new AirPod to check if its mics are working. Here’s how you can test if your AirPods mic’s working or not.

  • Connect your AirPods with your mobile device.
  • Open Voice memos and press the record button.

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  • Wear your earbud and speak into the mic.
  • Save the file and then play it back to check.

Another way to check if the mic is working properly is by using Siri.

You should also take care of the following before testing AirPods’ mic:

  • Ensure that the mic hole is not clogged.
  • Make sure your AirPods are charged and connected to your Apple device.
  • Check mics of both the buds separately
  • Audio and AirPods settings should be properly configured for best results.

Apple AirPods vs AirPods pro 

Apple AirPod Pro is the advanced model of the AirPod with features like hands-free Siri interaction. It provides a longer talk time and connects faster with your device.

The AirPods Pro has an IPX4 rating for water resistance which makes it much more durable. It provides high-end noise cancellation for an amazing music experience as well as the safety of Advanced transparency.


Apple AirPods are a great combination of portability and convenience. Its high-end material quality and advanced software features make it one of the best wireless earbuds. A strategically placed set of microphones improves its performance even further. 

Apple has released a new firmware update ‘4C165’ on December 9th for AirPod 2, AirPod 3, AirPod Pro, and AirPod Max. This update will get installed automatically when you connect the AirPod with your iPhone through Bluetooth. It will further improve the performance of your AirPods.

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