How to Clean AirPods Mic? (As Looks like New One)

Since its release in 2016, Apple Airpods have been an instant hit. They are loved for their portability, dependability, and high-quality sound, and unlike other Apple products, AirPods can be paired with any Bluetooth device with ease.

However, it becomes imperative to clean AirPods mic after some time because they start collecting hunks of plastic particles, dust, earwax, and god knows whatnot.

How to clean AirPods mic?

Believe it or not, dirty AirPods are pretty common among Airpod users. A pair of dirty Airpods might not kill you in itself, but it’s the bacterial formation in them that’s harmful and can cause infections.

That’s why it becomes all the more important to clean your Airpods mic once in a while, and this article will guide you through some steps on How to clean them and offer some tips so that your Airpods don’t get dirty quickly. So, let’s read on.

1. Using a clean Microfiber cloth to clean your AirPods mic:

Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning smooth, shiny surfaces since they are excellent for picking up small particles. Further, using a rag or regular cloth might damage your AirPods’ surface.


So, just get a clean microfiber cloth and rub it gently over the AirPods.This will clean your Airpods mic by removing any dust particles over its surface.

You can get a microfiber cloth here.

2. Using Cotton swabs:

Cotton swabs can come in handy in cleaning off hard-to-reach places in your Airpods. 


Hold the cotton swabs and rub the soft end through the speaker grills to clean off any dust or wax buildup in the cracks and crevices of your Airpods. 


But be careful not to push too hard on the grills as it might harm your Airpods.

3. Use an Anti-Static brush:

Anti-static brushes are great to clean off electrical gadgets as they have very little static charge and this makes them excellent in cleaning your Airpods mic without interfering with their internal components.


If you don’t have one, you could simply use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean Airpods mic. Just gently brush off any dust, dirt, or wax buildup on the grills of your Airpod. 

You may not want your AirPods to break, so be careful not to go too hard on them. Use a gentle motion.

4. Use a pencil eraser to clean AirPods mic:

This process is relatively simple to clean off your AirPods mic. All you have to do is get a pencil eraser from a stationery shop. And rub the eraser back and forth gently to clean off the unwanted buildups on your AirPods.


Lastly, use a microfiber cloth to clean off any extra shavings from the eraser.

5. Using a damp microfiber cloth to clean your Airpods:

You should use this method if you haven’t cleaned your Airpods for a while, and they are starting to look like they’ve been in better days than this.


Get a Microfiber cloth and put two to three drops of distilled water on it so that the fabric barely becomes wet. And rub this microfiber cloth gently over your AirPods. A slight pressure would help in cleaning thick wax or dirt buildup.

Image source-The family handyman

Don’t use Tap Water to dampen the cloth as the minerals will damage the polish of your AirPods, and also make sure that no water gets inside, or else you might have to visit the Apple service center.

How to keep your AirPods clean?


  1. Always keep your AirPods in their white cases when not in use. This way, your AirPods will be in full charge, and they will also remain protected from dust and other particles.


  1. Regularly clean your AirPods using a lint-free microfiber cloth, preferably clean them on a weekly basis; doing this will remove any dust or wax buildup keeping your AirPods shiny and dust-free.


  1. If you notice that your AirPods are building up wax too quickly. It might be the case that you are using your AirPods for long periods of time, leading to more wax build-up in your ears.

Image source-Apple community

So, try to clean your ears frequently using some gentle oil like olive or baby oil, pour 2-3 drops of oil in your ears and rotate your head. This will help you in cleaning up your Ear Wax.

Note that excessive ear wax can be a problem, so try to visit your doctor for advice.

  1. Try to avoid sharing your AirPods with others, even if they are your family members, as this can be somewhat unsanitary and might spread ear infections.


 Instead, you can just share your songs and videos using a Bluetooth device and keep your fun going.

While cleaning your Airpods, here are the things you should avoid doing:-


  1.  Don’t use rags or other clothing fabrics to clean your AirPods, as they might damage the surface of your AirPods.


  1. If your AirPods accidentally gets stained from things like -Shampoos, creams, foods, lotions, ointments, detergent, insect repellant sprays, or detergents. 
  • Use a slightly damped lint-free cloth to wipe your AirPods clean
  • Wait till they are totally dry before using them.


  1.  Don’t place your AirPods under running tap water, as the minerals present in tap water will damage your AirPods.


  1. Do not use any sharp tools like sharps or any harsh substances to clean AirPods mic.

How to clean AirPods pro?

There is not much of a difference between AirPods and AirPods Pro, so you can use the methods mentioned above to clean your AirPods Pro.

How to clean AirPods mesh?

You can use a cotton swab and use its soft end to remove the wax and dirt buildup from your AirPods mesh.



Now, after utilizing the techniques given above, your AirPods should seem as fresh as they did before, and the tips on keeping your AirPods clean should undoubtedly assist you in keeping your AirPods spotless, avoiding them from having a nasty appearance in public.

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