How to Connect AirPods to Oculus Quest 2

AirPods being the finest wireless earbuds from Apple, the quest to connect these earbuds to a variety of devices is a never ending process. 

On the other hand, Oculus Quest 2 being the most advance VR system, the necessity of using a wireless earbuds with it can be understandable as it enhances the overall VR experience. 

Can you Connect AirPods to Oculus Quest 2?

There’s a lot of noise around whether the Oculus Quest 2 can be connected with AirPods or not. 

Well, a lot of users on forums like Quora and Reddit suggest that it’s possible but there’s no official announcement for the same and this has left a plenty of users confused! 

Leaving all the rumors and confusions behind, we’re here to guide you on how to connect AirPods to Oculus Quest 2. Yes, that’s possible, you heard that right! 

Wondering how you can do it? Keep reading to know how!

Here’s How to Connect AirPods to Oculus Quest 2

  • To start with, power on your Oculus Quest 2 and click on the Settings option from the bottom of the screen menu.
  • Now, open the Experimental Features.
  • Click on the Bluetooth pairing option on the right side and click on the Pair option that’s on the right-most on your Oculus Quest 2 screen. 
  • It will now ask you to Pair New Device, click on it to proceed further. 
  • Now, on your AirPods, click the back button on your AirPods case and click on Pair once you see your AirPods in Oculus Quest 2 device’s list. 

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This isn’t an official method so not all Bluetooth earbuds or headphones might be compatible with Oculus Quest 2. 

In such cases, it’s always recommended to use a gaming headphone with a 3.5mm jack to connect the headphone with Oculus Quest 2 with a wired connection. 

What to do When AirPods Doesn’t Connect to Oculus Quest 2?

During the above mentioned process if you face any issues and if pairing isn’t successful, you can follow the below given tips. 

  • Restart your Oculus Quest 2. To do it, press the power button on the side of the headset and select Restart!

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  • Insert both your AirPods in your charging case and shut the lid of the case for at least 20 seconds. 
  • Now, open the lid of your case and press & hold the back button for up to 15 seconds. 
  • Once the light on the AirPods cases flashes in white, it is ready for pairing. 

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  • As the AirPods are now ready, follow the step by step process mentioned above and try to connect AirPods with Oculus Quest 2 once again! 

Does the Sound Lag in AirPods While Playing Games on Oculus Quest 2?

Using AirPods with Oculus Quest 2 is just like icing on the cake. But the question is, can you really use AirPods with Oculus Quest 2 to watch your favorite shows or play your favorite games without any lags? 

Well, a user on Reddit explains that watching a movie or a show shouldn’t cause any lag issues as it falls under a single stream but the VR games that have multiple levels of streaming, which can cause the sound lag issues. 

So if you’re planning to use AirPods with your Oculus Quest 2 just for gaming purposes, it is not recommended to use it as it may cause sound lag issues sooner or later. 

Watching movies and other shows shouldn’t be an issue as a lot of users has already tested this with their respective Oculus Quest 2. 

How to Fix Sound Lag Issue in AirPods While It is Connected to Oculus Quest 2?

Using a Bluetooth transmitter like this one along with your Oculus Quest 2 can actually solve the sound lag issue. 

All you need to do is plugin the Bluetooth transmitter to your Oculus Quest 2 and turn on the Bluetooth transmitter pairing to connect your Apple AirPods to it. 

Long press the back button of your AirPods case and wait until the case start blinking.

Once the pairing is done, you can now play your favorite VR games like Beat Saber on Oculus Quest 2 and listen the sound on your AirPods without any sound lag with the help of Bluetooth transmitter. This idea was inspired from here.

If you want to get rid of sound lag issues and can compromise on not using AirPods with Oculus Quest 2, we recommend using the Logitech G333 VR gaming earphones that works perfectly without any lags. 

Final Thoughts!

While using a Bluetooth transmitter or using AirPods directly with Oculus Quest 2 shouldn’t be an issue if you’re not a fan of gaming and love to watch movies instead!

So connecting AirPods to Oculus Quest 2 isn’t a major concern but the sound lag while playing VR games is the talk of the town. 

On a concluding note, AirPods with Oculus Quest 2 is a deadly combination if you love watching shows and movies but that shouldn’t be your first choice if you go crazy about gaming! 

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