Can You Connect Airpods to Xbox One? (Series X and S) – How to Guide

Apple’s AirPods are among some of the most comfortable earbuds ever made. They’ve been an instant hit right after their launch. Be it for listening to music, watching movies, attending calls, or playing games, AirPods are perfect for all of them.

If you’ve been using an Xbox One gaming console user, you’d be familiar with the fact that it is not possible to connect Apple Airpods to Xbox One without any workarounds.

Can You Connect Airpods to Xbox One?

Yes, You can.

How to use Apple headphones on Xbox One?

The process of connecting other Apple headphones like Apple AirPods Pro, AirPods Pro Max will be exactly the same as that of connecting AirPods to Xbox One. In fact, a similar approach can be followed to connect a variety of different Bluetooth headphones. 

But, we have a dedicated guide for you if you wish to check it out: How to use Apple headphones on Xbox One to talk. The guide also explains how you can connect wired Apple EarPods with Xbox One.

If you are looking for ways to get the AirPods and Xbox One connected, then you are at the right place because that is exactly what we are going to explain in this guide.

How to connect AirPods to Xbox One? Series X and S

We are going to explore two methods to connect AirPods to Xbox One. It is a must to check out both of them before going ahead and trying one because both methods have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and to make a decision; you need to know how both the methods work.

Source: Mobile Fun

Imagine gaming on your TV without disturbing anyone.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at method 1.

Method 1: Using Xbox One Transmitter Dongle

To follow this method, you have to purchase an Xbox One Transmitter Dongle. You can find one online for around $35. Check out this link to find one now: Xbox One Bluetooth Transmitter Dongle

Now there is one major issue that a lot of users face when they decide to go with this method which we will get to in a while. But for now, let’s check out what you need to do to get these devices connected:

Step 1: Turn on the Xbox One console and the gamepad.

Step 2: Plug the Xbox One Bluetooth Transmitter Dongle in the audio jack of the Xbox One gamepad.

A typical Xbox One Bluetooth Transmitter. Source: Amazon

Step 3: Now turn on the Dongle using the power button present on it.

Step 4: Now, once the Dongle is in pairing mode, press the pair button present on the charging case of the AirPods.

Step 5: Once the devices are done pairing, you can take the AirPods off the charging case and use them to listen to music.

That’s all you need to do to connect AirPods to Xbox One. There is no need to change the settings of the Xbox One console.

Now the issue that we were talking about earlier is with the microphone. If you are wondering if you can use Apple headphones as a mic on Xbox, let us tell you that a lot of people have pointed out that they’ve been unable to get their mic working using this method. 

So, if you play multiplayer games a lot where you must keep your mic on, then you can not go with this.

Method 2: Using an Android/iOS device

Using this method, you can surely get your mic working. But, this method introduces a slight lag in the audio. A lot of us might not even notice it, but for competitive players, this is unacceptable. The only way to find out if that’s acceptable or not is to try it out first hand.

Step 1: Download the Xbox application from the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store, depending on what device you are using currently. 

Here is a link to download the application: Xbox app for mobile

Xbox app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Source: LoFi Alpaca

Step 2: Turn on the Xbox One console.

Step 3: Launch the Xbox mobile application.

Step 4: Swipe from the right-hand side to open up the side menu.

Step 5: Tap on the console button to set up a new console.

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Step 6: Press the connect to your Xbox One console and find your device in the list of available devices. 

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Step 7: Now, press on the connect button and wait for your Xbox mobile app to connect to your Xbox One.

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Note: You need to connect both your smartphone and the Xbox console with the same network in order for the app to be able to find your console. Also, sign in to the same Microsoft account on both devices.

Step 8: Back to the main screen, tap on the Xbox wireless icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Step 9: Now press on the Remote play on this device option.

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Step 10: Wait for your device to get connected to the console. 

Connection is quicker on Android devices compared to iOS. Source: LoFi Alpaca

Step 11: Once done, your Xbox One console’s screen will now be mirrored to your smartphone. Interesting right?

Remote play in action. Source: LoFi Alpaca

Step 12: Finally, connect your AirPods to your phone.

At this point, that’s pretty much all that you had to do to connect AirPods to Xbox One. You are set to enjoy gaming on your AirPods now.

Final Words

After trying out both Method 1 and Method 2 ourselves, we realized that Method 2 is what you should be opting for. Here’s why:

  1. No need to buy a dedicated Xbox One Bluetooth Transmitter Dongle
  2. Can use audio chat
  3. Lag won’t be noticeable in most cases

The best thing about the second method is that you don’t have to buy any accessories for it, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. 

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