How To Connect Amazon Firestick To Bluetooth Speaker?

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The Amazon Firestick can turn any TV into a smart one. The features range from access to various streaming services in 4K to the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and various Bluetooth devices. 

Now, only if you could figure out how to connect the firestick to the Bluetooth speaker. Fear not, for this guide is here to take you from the homepage to the settings. 

How To Connect Amazon Firestick To Bluetooth Speaker?

When you get a device like this, you want to sit back and watch as the movie blares through high-quality speakers. Except, you simply can’t find an option to connect the Firestick to your Bluetooth speaker. When you do connect it, the sound still won’t come out from the speaker. 

Let’s find out the solution together. 

Paring The Firestick To Bluetooth Speakers

The Firestick device manual for Bluetooth is more complicated than it has any right being. It takes ages to find the Bluetooth option on the guide. So, we will skip straight to the point. 

Step 1 – Plug in the Firestick to the HDMI port of the TV. Additionally, make the Bluetooth device visible. Otherwise, pairing won’t be possible. 

You are taken to the homepage of Amazon Fire TV.  

Step 2 – Do you see Home, Find, Live on the screen? And to the far right the settings icon?  

Tap on Settings

Use the round panel on your remote to jump there and click on the button in the middle to select. 

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Step 3 – A panel with several options will open. These are:

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Scroll down to Controllers & Bluetooth Devices and again, press select. 

Step 4–  Under the Bluetooth option, we have :

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Select Other Bluetooth Devices

Step 5–  Inside Other Bluetooth Devices, we have options to either add a new Bluetooth Device or select the one you previously paired with.  

We select Add Bluetooth Devices

Step 6– The Firestick will scan for Bluetooth devices in the area. 

Soon, the name of your device will appear on the screen, with the cancel option under it. 

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Step 7– Select the speaker and the devices will begin pairing. 

5GHz Wi-Fi connection ensures smoother Bluetooth connectivity. Source: Hak Nuk Man

If you have a 5GHz wireless router connection, there won’t be an issue. 

If you have a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, a window will pop-up warning you about the Wifi performance. You can either cancel the pairing or confirm it. 

To confirm, you have to select OK. 


Your Firestick is now connected to the Bluetooth speaker. 

To check whether the connection was successful, dive back to the homepage. Select any movie off the list and click play. 

Not only should you hear the sound coming clearly from the speaker, but you should also be able to control the volume using the speaker buttons. 

If the connection has not been established, jump down to the troubleshooting section. If it has and you want to use the same speaker again, read on. 

Re-connect To A Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon Fire TV saves the Bluetooth device you previously paired it with. So, next time you want to use the speakers, the steps are even easier. 

Step 1 – Turn on your Bluetooth speakers. Jump to settings as instructed under Pairing Bluetooth devices. 

Step 2 – Click on Controllers & Bluetooth devices from the list of options. 

Step 3 – Again, select Other Bluetooth Devices. 

Step 4 –  The name of your previously paired Bluetooth speaker will appear first. Under that, would be the option to add another device. 

Click on your device name and you will get an instant connection. 

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Troubleshoot – Can’t Connect Firestick To Bluetooth Speakers

So, you followed the steps listed under Paring The Firestick To Bluetooth Speakers and it did not work. 

There are a few checklists you could go through to make sure everything is in order. And then we have some troubleshooting tips. 

Check For An Issue

  • You already have 7 Bluetooth devices paired with Fire TV. Amazon does not allow more. If other paired devices are on, Amazon would connect to it. This means a new Bluetooth device won’t be paid heed to. 
  • Your speaker is not compatible with Amazon Fire TV. An unlikely scenario. Still, check the compatible Bluetooth accessories page to be certain. 
  • The 2.5 GHz wireless could be causing issues. Either switch to 5GHz or turn the WiFi off. Otherwise, switching to an ethernet connection also helps. 
  • See if your Bluetooth speakers are fully charged. 
  • For out-of-sync audio from the speakers, put the Fire TV to sleep. Hard press the Home Button. A Panel should open with App, Sleep, and Settings as the options. Select Sleep. Wake it up again and the audio should work. 

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Troubleshoot – Follow the below steps

  • Restart Amazon Fire TV by hard pressing the select button and play button on your remote simultaneously. The restart screen should show up after 5 seconds. 
  • You can also go to settings, click on the System option and then tap restart. 
  • Pull out the power cord and let the device rest for three seconds. Plug it back in. 
  • Disconnect the Bluetooth speakers and pair it again. 

Usually, restarting Amazon Fire TV or unpairing the Bluetooth device takes care of the problem. When you pair the device again, it should work as expected. 

Unpair Your Bluetooth Speakers

One way to deal with a faulty connection is to unpair the Bluetooth device and pair it back again. Or you could simply want to unpair a device you are no longer using. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1 – Go to Settings. Then, Controllers & Bluetooth Devices. 

Step 2 – The options with all the devices and Add New Device option will appear. Select your Bluetooth Speakers. 

Step 3 – Press the Menu. A window will pop-up asking for your consent. Press OK.  

Source: Hak Nuk Man

And, you’re done. You can pair the Bluetooth device or speaker again. This time, it should work. 

Final Thoughts

Amazon has a total of 4 Fire TV Stick models out right now. The main versions are the basic Fire TV Stick rollout and the lite version. All of these models come with lots of options for Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. Though, right now, only 7 Bluetooth devices are allowed, there’s hope for more in the newer models.

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