How to connect/pair Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One?: 3 Fixed Solution for listening through

Ever wondered if it’s possible to connect your Bluetooth headphones with the Xbox One? We are sure this thought must have crossed your mind at least once after you purchased your gaming console.

Unfortunately, there is no way to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one directly, and such headphones are not even officially supported.

In this article, we shall explain three methods using which you can pair Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One console.

But first, let us understand why Bluetooth isn’t officially supported on the popular Microsoft console.

Do Xbox consoles have Bluetooth?

The consoles use Xbox wireless protocol instead of Bluetooth. The Xbox wireless protocol is Mircorost’s in-house communication protocol developed especially for their gaming consoles. The protocol uses short-range Radio Frequency (RF) communication to offer very low latency. 

Undoubtedly, Xbox wireless protocol is superior to Bluetooth. That is the primary reason why Microsoft used a completely different communication protocol for connecting wireless devices—but using a different protocol than the widely accepted standard means that most of the devices running on Bluetooth will be unsupported. This includes a wide range of controllers, headphones, speakers, etc.

But that does not stop us from connecting our favorite devices to the console. Let’s see what all options we have.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one with Bluetooth Transmitter/Transceiver

Bluetooth Transmitter is a device that plugs into a USB port or 3.5 mm audio jack and transmits the audio coming from the port over Bluetooth protocol.

You can purchase a Bluetooth transmitter for around $15-20 online. Such Bluetooth transmitters also go by the name of Bluetooth adapters, but everything refers to the same thing, more or less.

Here is what you should do to use it to connect your Bluetooth headphones to it.

  • Step 1: After purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter, plug it in the 3.5 mm audio jack present on the Xbox One controller.
  • Step 2: Turn on the Xbox One console.
  • Step 3: If the transmitter has a power/pair button, press it to turn it on and put it in pairing mode.
  • Step 4: Now, simply pair the Bluetooth transmitter with your headphones to start enjoying the gameplay audio wirelessly on your Bluetooth headphones.

Note that it is always a good idea to purchase a good quality Bluetooth transmitter so that you can experience immersive audio.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One via TV

What if we say to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One, you don’t actually have to connect them via Bluetooth?

If you have a smart TV or your TV supports Bluetooth, then you can connect your headphones directly to your TV and listen to its audio.

All you have to do is:

Step 1: Connect your Xbox One console to your TV and turn both of them on.

Step 2: Once the devices turn on, turn on the Bluetooth headphones. They will automatically try to pair with other Bluetooth devices.

Step 3: Quickly go to settings and find a way to connect your TV to the Bluetooth headphones. Depending on what exact brand and model of TV set you are using, the place from where you can find the Bluetooth device connection setting may differ.

Step 4: Wait for the devices to connect and once they are done connecting, simply launch any game and enjoy a wireless gaming experience with your Xbox console, even on your Bluetooth headphones.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one via a PC

While using a Windows PC to connect your Xbox One console to the Bluetooth headphones is certainly possible, the process is so complicated that you may not even feel like trying it out. Still, if you are curious, keep reading.

Step 1: Download the Xbox beta application from the Windows store.

Step 2: Once it is installed, open it and sign in to the account that is linked with your console.

Step 3: Establish the connection between the Xbox One console and the Xbox beta app.

Step 4: Start the stream button, and a live audio-visual feed of your console will be streamed to your PC.

Step 5: Now, connect your Bluetooth headphones to the PC. Skip this step if you have already linked your device to the PC.

Step 6: Open the party’s section and create a new party.

Step 7: Open party options and hit ‘change audio devices’ on the next screen.

Step 8: Locate your headphones and in the party options and finally save the settings.

The process is a little complicated and introduces a little bit of latency in audio. That is the reason why we recommend using the other two methods that we have described in this article earlier.

Why can’t I talk to my teammates using the Bluetooth headphones?

There can be several reasons why you might not be able to fully enjoy the wireless gaming experience with Bluetooth headphones.

The most common reason why this could happen might be because of the Bluetooth headphones themselves. If it does not have a mic, then how will you use the voice chat feature.

The next most common reason why you wouldn’t be able to talk to your teammates in-game might be because of the Bluetooth transmitter. The Bluetooth ‘transmitter’ itself means that it is a device that can only transmit the audio from the controller to the headphones in a single direction. It will not pick up audio from the headphones and provide it to the controller.

If you connect your wireless Bluetooth headphones to Xbox via TV and still face issues with voice chat, then that means that even your TV does not support receiving audio from the headphones.

There’s little you can do in all such cases.

For playing story-based single-player games, connecting Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox One might do the trick, but for fast-paced online multiplayer games, this just isn’t gonna work. Even if you somehow manage to get it to work, you’ll suffer from lag.

If you are playing competitive games online, we recommend using a wired headset for the best performance. Of course, they come with wires, but there should be no compromise in terms of latency when playing games online.

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