How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to an iPhone (a step by step guide)

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Connecting multiple Bluetooth speakers to a single iPhone is an excellent way to crank your music volume up and share it with your friends and family, especially during parties and celebrations. And, this article will tell you the easiest five ways to do the same.

The task can get tricky, but with the methods mentioned below, you can expect to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to an iPhone easily.

How is it possible to connect multiple bluetooth speakers to an iPhone?

It’s possible via Bluetooth technology in your iPhone. Users can stream an mp3 Or mp4 playlist with another person and play the music on other devices using the Bluetooth function. 

The iOS 13 launched recently with a sound streaming feature that enables iOS devices to use Bluetooth sharing MP3, MP4, and podcast. Now, let’s set up your Bluetooth speakers without wasting time and enter the chill mode using the given methods.

Method 1: Connecting Multiple Bluetooth speakers to an IOS device(iPad or iPhone)

For this method to work, you should have the latest IOS version installed on your device. You can check your version of IOS using the 2nd step. 

Step 1: Turn on your Bluetooth speakers. This might take a few minutes, and make sure they are visible.


Step 2: Go to your iPhone Settings > General > About and 

check your os version, and now turn on the Bluetooth. Make sure your device visibility is turned on.




Step 3- Press on the Bluetooth speaker’s pairing button. The pairing button looks something like in the picture.

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Step 4:Now, wait for your Bluetooth speaker’s name to show on your iPhone. If they don’t show in a minute, disable and reenable the Bluetooth button.  

Step 5: When your iPhone has detected your Bluetooth speakers select one of them and connect them using the instructions available in your iPhone.

Step 6 – Repeat the steps mentioned above for each new Bluetooth speaker you want to add.

Step  7- Go to Settings>Music and turn off the volume limit to ensure that the sound is appropriately calibrated across all the speakers.

Step 8- To disconnect the Bluetooth-connected device. Go to your Bluetooth settings>Connected device>Forget device. 

Method 2- Select Speaker on Itunes

Step1-Select your speakers on screen and pick ‘Group‘ next to the song listing if you already have them set up in your iTunes library.

Image Courtesy-Ndtv gadgets

Step2-Make sure to select both speakers at once. If a single speaker is showing, use ‘-’ to remove the speaker and add once again.

Important- Select only stereo as a group setting and don’t touch anything. 

You won’t hear anything if you select any option other than left or right.

Method 3- Using Apple Airplay

Image Courtesy-Apple Developer

This method is for you if you have Apple Home Pods or any IOS-enabled speakers.

Note- It only works for Apple IOS devices.

Step1Open the Control Center on your iPhone, and swipe down from the upper-right corner of your Iphone’s screen.

For iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe the screen from the edge of the bottom.

Step2- Tap AirPlay from group controls in the upper-right corner, then tap on the Airplay icon  


 Step3- Tap each speaker that you want to play the audio to.

Method 4- Connect Directly

If you want to connect the Bluetooth speakers directly to your iPhone. Get a lightning cable-to-audio adapter and use the USB port as an audio port and connect the Aux cable to your Bluetooth speakers if they have the functionality. Get your lightning cable-to-audio adapter here.

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You can further use additional cable; for example, Anker provides an excellent way to connect and offers some good range for most average-sized rooms. You can get the cable from here.


Method 5- Use a wireless router


If you have a wireless router, the process becomes even easier. This method is better than the Bluetooth method due to the wireless router’s range. 

But the only concern is the low bandwidth of Apple Airplay so, don’t try to play any movies or Netflix series over the connection, if you don’t want to ruin your mood.

How to connect multiple Bluetooth Speakers to an iPhone using Amp me App? (Method 5)


You can use something called the Amp me app. It is versatile in the sense it provides connections without brand differentiation. Just download the app from the Apple store and set it up using its simple interface. Link to the App. Amp Me. You will need the latest Bluetooth 5.0 for this application to work flawlessly. 

Step 1- The app will give you a four-digit code when choosing the hosting option.

Step 2- Share the code with your friends; note your friends need to have installed the app on their phones. And he/she will connect his phone with the Bluetooth speakers.

Step 3- Play your favorite songs as the Host and rock the party.

The only problem with this method is that you cannot connect it directly to your Bluetooth speakers. You will need to do some workaround. The above-mentioned method should help.

How to connect two or more Bluetooth speakers to an iPhone IOS 14?


Well, you can use Method 1 mentioned above. It works best for any Apple IOS device, or maybe you can use the Amp me app to do the job.


Now, it’s your turn to experiment with the above-mentioned methods and keep your party going or just get chilled up with your friends and family. 

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