How to Connect a TV to a Receiver Without HDMI?

The obvious method of establishing a connection between a TV and a receiver is to turn to an HDMI cable. Only, some TVs don’t come with an HDMI jack or some receivers don’t have the port. A rare occurrence but one that happens nonetheless. To our delight, there are still ways you can connect a tv to a receiver without HDMI. 

Let’s take a look at all your options. 

How to connect a TV to a receiver without HDMI Jack?

The primary method most people use to connect the receiver and TV is to use RCA cables. HDMI converter also exists, which helps bridge the gap between digital and analog signals. As we go through the methods, you will understand what to do.

Connecting TV To Receiver Without HDMI

To do this, you need to read the labels on your receiver carefully. Audio receivers usually have clear names for the HDMI port.

 IN and OUT ports, DVD or DVR cable point, everything should be spelled out. If you don’t attach the cables correctly, the sound system won’t work as you would hope. 

Step 1: You have to begin with turning on the audio receiver and the TV. 

Step 2: Find the inputs in both the TV and the receiver. On the TV, there should be Audio Out ports meant for you to connect your audio cable. 

Source: Home Theater Hobbyist

Now, the other end of the cable has to be plugged into the receiver. If you have an RCA cable, you will notice white, red, yellow ports on the receiver. 

Your cable will also have these colorful plugged points, which is what you should rely on to plugin. 

Source: The Review King

Step 3: It is a matter of configuration now. Your TV’s sound has to be muted. 

Then, head over to the Input Source section of your TV. Usually, you should find it in the Settings

For most TVs, it is listed under Sound

Step 4: From the input options, choose according to the speaker you just selected. 

For RCA cable, your choice should be AV. If that does not work, choose Component

Source: The Review King

Turn up the volume and see if you can hear everything clearly from the Audio receiver. 

Connecting TV To A Receiver With HDMI

This is far simpler than doing it without a receiver. It’s still something we felt we should mention, in case you are having some trouble. 

Step 1: As before, turn on the TV and the audio receiver. 

Step 2: Plug one head of an HDMI cable into a receiver. You are going to want to plug it into the IN port. 

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The other head of the HDMI cable has to be plugged inside the OUT port for audio on the TV. 

Step 3: This step is applicable if your only goal is not to hear the movies playing on the TV from a better sound source. 

Instead, maybe you want to connect the TV to a PlayStation or something similar along with the receiver. 

You will have to use another HDMI cable and plug it into the OUT port on the receiver. 

Source: The Review King

Step 4: Plug in the other HDMI cable into the IN jack on the Playstation. 

So, sound basically travels from the PlayStation to the receiver, which transfers it back to the TV, and then gets pinged back to the receiver. 

Step 5: Jump to Sound Settings on your TV. 

Tap on Input Source

Step 6: Among the options for external speakers, you will see a couple of HDMI port numbers. 

Check which jack you have plugged your HDMI cable on into the TV. 

Source: The Review King

That is the one you are going to want to click on. 

You now have clear surround sound. 

Different Types Of Audio Cables To Connect TV Receiver Without HDMI

Connect Through HDMI Converter

This works if the HDMI port is only either on the audio receiver or on the TV. 

By establishing an HDMI converter in between, you can plug the HDMI cables into the HDMI converter and then plug the RCA cable into the receiver or the TV depending on which one doesn’t have the HDMI port. 

The converter provides a way for sound to transfer from one to another. 

RCA Cables

There are several kinds of RCA cable types. There is the basic version with red and white cable points. There is the Composite RCA cable which connects both video and audio. It tends to have white, yellow, and red points. 

There is the Component RCA cable with a wider range of cable head points. All of it works together to transmit video and audio. 

Final Thoughts

The basic principle of connecting the TV to the receiver with or without an HDMI cable is the same. You need a couple of cables that should be inserted into the right ports for it to work.

 If the sound does not come out after you follow these methods, we recommend inserting cables into the ports the opposite way from the one you did the first time. It could be due to a simple mistake of you not understanding the labels for the port. 

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