How to Control the Soundbar with TV Remote?

Imagine controlling your entire entertainment system with just one remote. Sounds interesting? 

Well, if you are thinking that connecting entertainment equipment like a soundbar to the tv remote requires too much engineering, then you are wrong. Luckily, there’s a way to control all your entertainment equipment including a soundbar without fiddling with multiple remotes.

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If you plan to purchase one, choose with extra precaution because standard remotes are not compatible with this new technology. 

Steps to control the soundbar with tv remote – DIY

While the procedure for connecting to and managing your soundbar varies by TV model, connecting the two is quite simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use TV remote to operate a soundbar.

1. Look for an optical or HDMI RCA connection on Soundbar and TV

The first thing to do is to take a look at the back of soundbar. Look for either of the red, white audio input or the single port stereo jack input.

2. Connect the red white RCAs into the red white RCA jack at the back of your soundbar.

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For some reason or another, your soundbar doesn’t have the red white RCA but has the stereo jack instead, make sure you have a stereo cable and plug it into the jack. Plug the other end of the jack into your TV’s headphone jack. 

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3. Turn your TV and Soundbar on

  • Now that you’ve made the wiring connections, the first thing you wanna do is turn your soundbar on. And make sure that your soundbar is set to the correct input.
  • Using the Soundbar remote, turn the volume down. 
  • Turn on your TV and begin to adjust the volume on your TV upto a level you would normally listen to.
  • Use the Soundbar remote to slowly raise the volume setting on the sound bar. 

Once you hear the sound on soundbar, switch to the TV remote to control the volume and enjoy your favorite music!

These steps are universal and you can use them as a guidefor any TV brand.

Instructions for different TV brands

While the above steps are a basic guide to connecting and operating your soundbar with the TV, several TV manufacturers have somewhat different approaches. Find your TV brand from the different brands listed below and check out the steps outlined in each section.


Image Credits: Samsung

1. There are two ways to the the connect your Samsung TV with the soundbar:

  • By using a digital optical connection
  • By using an HDMI RAC connection.

If you are using HDMI, connect to the HDMI RAC port on your TV.

2. Change the source of the soundbar to ‘D.IN’.

3. To enable or disable Auto Power Link on your Samsung TV remote, simply hold the left direction on the direction pad. This feature only works with a digital optical connection to the soundbar from your Samsung TV. You should also change the settings on the TV’s audio output to enable your Samsung TV to control the soundbar.

4. While using an HDMI RAC connection, the source of your soundbar will instantly change to TV RAC. If you have an HDMI RAC connection, make use of the right direction button on the direction pad of your TV remote to use Anynet+.

Alternatively, you can also connect the soundbar and TV via Bluetooth, provided that both of them support this feature.

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Image Credit: Sony

1. You can connect the soundbar with the Sony TV using either of the HDMI ARC connection or an optical digital audio cable or both. The setup instructions remain the same as mentioned in the earlier section. 

2. For all installations, select ‘Audio System’ when changing the audio output setting.

However, functionalities that need an HDMI connection, such as power interlock and volume, cannot be managed with the TV remote when utilizing an optical cable, according to Sony support.

For further information, including useful setup advice for each Sony TV model, visit the Sony support homepage.  

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Image Credit: LG

Heard of the LG Magic Remote? It makes any moment magical. How? Control all electrical devices using the LG magic remote.

1. You can either connect with an HDMI RAC connection or an optical cable. Apart from these, you can make use of the Bluetooth feature to establish a connection between your soundbar and TV.

2. If you are using a wireless Bluetooth connection, you have to select the LG Sound Sync (Wireless) option under the Sound section in your TV settings.

3. Once the device button appears, it will look for the soundbar to establish a connection. Pair your Android TV and soundbar after making sure your soundbar’s Bluetooth is switched on.

You can connect the HDMI RAC connection or digital optical cable in the same manner as described previously. To convert the output from HDMI to optical, go to Sound > Sound Out.

Check out LG Support for more details.

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Image Credit: Panasonic Soundslayer 

1. Always connect your devices before switching them on. You can use an HDMI connection or an optical audio cable. Connect your soundbar and TV using your chosen cable.

2. For Panasonic TV, connect the HDMI cable to HDMI2 ARC port. After connecting, switch on both devices.

3. If you are using Digital Cable, you have to turn off TV sound by going into the menu settings and selecting the option to disable built-in speakers.

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Final Thoughts

There’s nothing better than a universal remote to operate all devices. And which is the best universal remote out there? The one you already have! Soundbars and other speaker systems connect via HDMI or Optical digital audio. All you have to do to control the soundbar with tv remote is to connect to your TV and tweak your settings and sound as needed. Seamlessly switch between TV speaker and soundbar using just one remote. It will never be the same again after experiencing these magic moments. 

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