How to fix muffled AirPods sound?

Ever felt like the sound coming from your AirPods isn’t clean enough? Or heard others complain that your voice sounds muffled when speaking with the AirPods on? You probably have, which is what brought you here. 

If this is a persistent issue, it might be good to repair or replace the product. If this is something that’s happened once or twice though, some quick fix at home should do the job. We will teach you how to do that. 

How to fix muffled AirPods sound?

AirPods comes with noise cancellation and is even waterproofed to some point. It’s entangled and compatible with Apple’s ecosystem, so it is beyond disappointing when AirPods don’t act the way they should. The sound quality should be seriously high and if it isn’t, you are entitled to some form of reimbursement under warranty. 

However, if the issue can be fixed at home with a little cleaning, why not try that out first?

Fix Muffled AirPods Mic Sound

We will start with explicitly Mic-related sound issues. Since this can be caused by both unclean mics or a mismatch of channels, we will focus on it first. 

Step 1: Take out your AirPods. 

Look at the bottom of the AirPods at the round silver tip. Does it appear unclean somehow?

Regardless of what it seems to your naked eye, use a cotton bud to gently cleanse the tip. 

Source: LoFi Alpaca

That’s the microphone of the AirPod, specifically the one carrying your voice to others. If the muffled sound is a result of dust settling in, this should change it. 

For a thorough cleaning process, skip to the next method. 

Step 2: Now, you want to check if your iPhone is actually using your AirPod’s microphone. 

When you are on a call, you need to be certain your phone isn’t using its internal mic and the one of the AirPod instead. 

Among the options that appear when you are on a call, click on the speaker button. 

This will let you know if the sound is coming from the phone or through your AirPods and is being related back the same way. 

We hope you don’t encounter muffle sound now. 

Fix Muffled Airpod Sound With Thorough Cleaning

You’re going to need a couple of things ready at hand to try thorough cleaning. The items include a microfibre cloth, Q-tip, toothpick, and screen cleaner solution.

Step 1: Take the AirPods out of the charging case. 

Set the case aside. 

Take the Q-tip and spray a small portion of the screen cleaner on it. 

Source: Brandon Butch

Step 2: Rub the Q-tip on the grilles of the AirPod. You have to be gentle and you can’t exert too much pressure. 

Source: Brandon Butch

The main goal is to loosen up any earwax stuck inside it. 

Apply the Q-tips on every grille on the Airpod, anywhere you notice wax. 

Step 3: Now, it is time for the toothpick.

Use the toothpick to fish out the wax in and around the grilles. 

Source: Brandon Butch

Step 4: Spray some of that screen cleaner on the microfiber clothing. 

Now, wipe the AirPod completely clean with the microfiber. 

Source: Brandon Butch

Step 5: This step isn’t necessary. 

If you can though, if you have compressed air in your home, spray that on the AirPod a little. 

Source: Brandon Butch

This will take out any dust particle that might still be sticking to it. 

Step 6: Once you have finished cleaning, place it downwards on the table. 

This will allow any water or cleaning solution to evaporate completely. 

Source: Brandon Butch

Repeat the same method for the other part of the pair. 

Step 7: Only cleaning the AirPods won’t do. The same courtesy should be extended to the charging case. 

Source: Brandon Butch

As before, use a Q-tip with screen cleaner and rub the inside of the charging case. 

Step 8: Time to use the toothpick and pick out any dirt from the crevices the same way. 

Source: Brandon Butch

Step 9: Now, the microfiber should be used to clean the last remnants. 

Source: Brandon Butch

Don’t forget to spray some screen cleaning solution before you use the microfiber. 

Once done, put the AirPods back inside the charging case and let it charge. 

Hopefully, the muffled sound does not come back to disturb you any time soon. 

Fix Muffled AirPod Sound After Cleaning

Usually, if the muffled sound persists after you have cleaned the AirPods, resetting the AirPods usually works. 

Step 1: Put the AirPods back inside the case. Then, hold the button at the back of the AirPods case. 

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Keep on holding it until the blinking light at the front of the case turns white. 

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Step 2: Turn on your iPhone. 

If the Bluetooth is on, it should pick up on the presence of an unpaired device straight away. 

You will be shown a pop-up suggesting you connect to the AirPod. 

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Tap on Connect. 

Step 3: You will now be instructed to press the button on the back of the charging case again. 

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Do so. 

You will be connected to your AirPods again. 

If the hazy sound is still there, it is time to send it to a repair shop. 

Final Thoughts

If cleaning the AirPod and the microphone and then resetting does not fix the muffled feedback, it is time you take your AirPod to a repair shop. If your AirPods were bought only a year ago, you should be eligible for a free replacement. Otherwise, you can either buy new AirPods or hope this one can be fixed. 

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