How to Link Multiple JBL speakers (Pairing 2 or More)

It’s good to have a high-quality wireless JBL speaker in order to enjoy your music to the fullest. However, it’s a totally different experience pairing multiple JBL speakers together to enjoy a stereo sound performance.

How to link JBL speakers? 

It goes without saying that the best way to pair multiple JBL speakers together is to use the JBL Connect app. But be aware that JBL has changed the name of the Connect app to the JBL Portable app.

In Google play as well as the App Store, JBL has changed the name of the app to JBL Portable.

Source: Google PlayStore

Source: Apple App Store

Steps to pairing multiple JBL speakers using the JBL Portable app

If you and your friends have multiple wireless JBL speakers and want to connect them in order to enjoy stereo sound or simply amplify the overall sound, we recommend following the simple steps we have listed below:

Step 1: The first step is to download the JBL Portable app into your iOS device or Android device. 

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Step 2: Get ready with the JBL speakers you want to pair together. It’s important to make sure that the JBL speakers you want to pair together support wireless connectivity and are fairly modern models. 

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Step 3: Open the JBL Portable app and search for the JBL speakers you want to connect. Make sure that you turn on the pairing mode of both JBL speakers that you want to pair together. 

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Step 4: Select both the JBL speakers from the JBL Portable app that you want to pair together.

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Step 5: After connecting the speakers within the app, you can either choose the “Stereo” or “Party” feature. 

For your information, the “Stereo” feature allows for a better stereo experience by pairing multiple JBL speakers together and the “Party” feature is more focused on amplifying the overall sound by connecting two JBL speakers. 

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Step 6: The final step is to make sure that the volume levels of both the JBL speakers are on par with each other. This is important because having the volume level high particularly on one speaker will lower the overall stereo sound experience. 

How to link JBL speakers without using the JBL Portable app?

It’s not always necessary to use the JBL Portable app in order to pair multiple JBL speakers together and enjoy an amplified audio performance. 

If you are somehow facing trouble downloading and installing the JBL Portable app or do not want to use this method, there are alternatives you can try that do not involve using the JBL Portable app. 

We recommend following the steps that we have listed below: 

Step 1: Take two wireless JBL speakers, power them on, and connect both of them to your iPhone or Android phone. 

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You can go to your Bluetooth devices page in the settings and check if both JBL speakers are connected to your phone. 

Step 2: The next important step is to press the connect button on both the JBL speakers that you have connected to your phone. 

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Step 3: After pairing both the speakers with the JBL Connect feature, you can start streaming music on your phone and experience stereo sound by playing synced audio on both speakers. 

Can all JBL speakers connect?

Despite the misconceptions that many people have, not every wireless JBL speaker can connect for stereo or party boost audio performance. 

In fact, JBL has specifically listed a select number of wireless JBL speaker models that are compatible with the JBL Portable app. These speaker models include:

  • Boombox, Boombox 2
  • Pulse 2, Pulse 3, Pulse 4
  • Flip 3, Flip 4, Flip 5, Flip 6
  • Xtreme, Xtreme 2, Xtreme 3
  • Charge 3, Charge 4, Charge 5

What JBL speakers can link?

Here is an image that includes all the JBL speakers that can link and pair with each other via the JBL Portable app. 

Image credit: Google Play Store

Can you link two Bluetooth speakers together?

Yes, you can pair any type of Bluetooth speaker from any brand together with another speaker. In other words, you don’t necessarily need to have two JBL speakers to pair them together for creating a stereo or party boost sound. 

We recommend following the steps we have listed below in order to pair two Bluetooth speakers together in the simplest way possible: 

Step 1: Download an app called AmpMe on your iPhone or Android phone. You can check out the app from this link

Step 2: The next step is to take another iPhone or Android phone and download the same AmpMe app on it.

Step 3: If you have two Bluetooth speakers, connect both the phones to each one. 

Step 4: The next step is to sync both phones using the AmpMe app.

Step 5: After you have synced both the phones, you can play the music from one of the phones. And since both the phones are connected to each wireless speaker, you will be able to enjoy the stereo sound experience on both the speakers with synced audio. 

Is there an app that allows you to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices?

Yes, one of the best apps for connecting to multiple Bluetooth devices is AmpMe. What’s most interesting to know is that there are many more apps that make it easier for you to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices such as wireless Bluetooth speakers. 

We recommend going through this hand-picked list of apps that are designed to help you connect multiple Bluetooth devices to your phone. 

Why won’t my JBL speakers connect to each other?

There can be several reasons for your JBL speakers not connecting to each other. 

The most common reason is improper configuration. Make sure to reset the Bluetooth connection to your device and then restart all over again.

Another common reason is using the outdated JBL Connect app version. JBL has upgraded the Connect app and rebranded it to the JBL Portable app. 

As such, it is a good step to uninstall the updated version you may have and install the latest version of the JBL Portable app and re-initiate the Bluetooth connection. 

The third and less common reason can be that you have relatively old JBL speaker models and that they do not support the JBL Connect feature. In this case, you can trade your old JBL speakers for new ones that support the JBL Connect feature for stereo and party boost mode. 

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