How to Loud Mic on Discord?

Whether you are participating in an intense multiplayer game or just chit-chatting with your pals, you will want to make your voice heard clearly and loudly at all times. And Discord provides a plethora of customizations and changes to ensure that your Discord mic is loud and clear at all times.

And in this article, we will show you how you can make your mic loud on Discord.

How to Loud Mic on Discord?

Navigate to Settings by clicking on the gear icon on the bottom left corner of the App; under the App settings section, go to “Voice and Video,” this will display all the settings available to make your mic loud on Discord. 

You can choose the default mic on Discord under “Input Device” and select the mic you want as your default mic.

Input Volume on Discord

If you think the sound from Discord is sounding too loud. Do these steps

Step1- Open settings by clicking on the Gear icon

Step2- Go to voice and video

Step3- Move the slider of Input volume to an appropriate level

Pro Tip- You can increase the output volume slider to make your mic sound loud on Discord 

Change your Mic Position

Try changing your Mic’s position to your level; this will make sure that your mic doesn’t take in too much or too low sound. You can also test the mic using the following steps;

Step1- Go to settings and navigate to voice and video

Step2- Scroll down to voice settings; under “Input Volume,” you will see the option to test your mic. 

Step3- Say something to your mic and check the slider to see if it’s increasing or decreasing; adjust the position of the mic according to the slider.

Pro Tip- Don’t yell or whisper in your mic. Both will mess up your voice.

Is there any software for the loud mic on Discord?

The short answer is Yes. There is a software called Equalizer Apo that lets you increase the volume of Discord. You can download the software by clicking on the link below.

How to get a loud mic?

To get a loud mic on Discord, you can follow the tips and instructions above. You can also refer to the reference guide of your mic to get a loud mic.


So, these were some of the tips and instructions on how to loud mic on Discord. You can test them all out and check for yourself which one works best for you. sounds

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