How to Make Your Mic Sound Better on Discord?

Are you a gamer or perhaps someone who wants a better audio quality on Discord? Then this article is for you. Recently Discord has been the go-to place for VoIP chats between businesses, gamers, and many more. 

Most of the time, Discord is pretty good with its Audio quality, but the quality might sometimes drop under different circumstances. However, the good news is that you can improve your mic using some simple tricks and increase its overall audio quality, making your mic sound better on Discord.

How to Make Your Mic Sound Better on Discord?

These are the tips and tricks we will be using in this post to make your mic sound better on Discord:

  • Getting a better mic
  • Changing the bite rate
  • Enabling discord noise suppression offered by Krisp
  • Adjusting attenuation settings 
  • Discord push to talk
  • By adjusting advanced voice processing settings

All of the above methods work the same for Apple, Windows, and Android users, so don’t worry if you are using an OS other than Windows, just follow the methods given, and your voice will be sounding better than before. Let’s read on. 

Tip 1- Getting a better mic

Simply getting a better mic for your Discord chats can have a lot of impact on your audio quality. However, there are tons of different mic options available on the Internet, and choosing the best among them can be confusing. 

So, we are giving a list of 5 mics that you can buy and enhance your overall calling experience. You can choose them according to your budget and needs.

HyperX Outcast

This mic comes with its anti-vibration mount, absorbing any shocks from sudden movements. Further, it also has an inbuilt filter that blocks outside noises and provides a crystal clear audio experience.


  • Shock mount to prevent outside noises 
  • Micro USB with one button design


  • It is More on the expensive side.

Rode NT USB Microphone

This mic is one of the best in class mics, which provides value for money with its features and built quality. For giving the best audio experience, it comes with the so-called anti-vibration elastic rope suspension, which practically removes any unwanted background noise. 

The built quality of this mic is super excellent too, and it can easily bear accidental falls and unintentional wire twistings.


  • This mic is Discord Certified 
  • Compatible with PlayStations, Xbox, Mac, Open Broadcaster
  • Inbuilt noise filter


  • Non-compatible with smartphones

Razer Seiren X USB Microphone

This microphone will satisfy all your needs, be it built quality, audio quality, or design. With its zero-latency monitoring, you can expect an excellent calling experience. The design, built quality, and shock resistance make this mic unbeatable.


  • Its built quality is super excellent; it can take hits and falls without a hitch
  • Super portable and light to carry


  • No pop filter

Fifine K669B Metal USB Microphone

This budget pick microphone is fantastic for individuals on a tight budget and searching for a good quality mic with sturdy built quality. 


  • It comes with a good tripod stand
  • Natural sound quality
  • It cuts background noise effectively


  • No pop filter

Tip 2- Changing the bitrate

Changing your server’s bitrate can be an excellent way to increase or decrease the audio quality. If you lower the bitrate of your server, the audio will be good with even the poorest network quality, and if your network quality is excellent, increasing your bitrate will give you superb sound quality in your mic.

To change the bitrate. Follow the instructions below.

Step 1- Go to the Discord app on your pc and navigate to a server whose audio quality you want to change.

Step 2- Head over to the general option under the voice channels and click the gear icon to access its settings.

Step 3-Now, you should see a bitrate slider, hold the bar and move it left and right to change the bitrate of your channel.

Step 4- Hit the “escape” button on the keyboard to save your bitrate settings and exit.

Congrats, you have successfully changed the bitrate of your server but remember, only the admins can change the bit rate. If you are not an channel admina, you cannot change the bitrate.

Tip 3- Enabling discord noise suppression offered by Krisp

Krisp is third-party software that provides noise dampening for your Discord mic. The software may not completely cut off the outside noises, but it reduces them to the extent that your voice can be heard crystal clear.

Here’s how you can enable the noise suppression by Krisp:

Step 1- Navigate to settings in the bottom left corner of the Discord app.

Step 2- Now go to ‘Voice and Video’ under app settings and check for ‘noise suppression.

Step 3- Turn the toggle bar ‘on’ if it’s ‘off’’; turning it on will automatically filter out outside noises from the mic.

Tip 4- Adjusting voice attenuation settings

Enabling and adjusting voice attenuation settings can be a great way to reduce the noise of other applications while you are chatting with your friends. Attenuation cuts off the noise of other applications so that you can hear your Teammates.

To adjust the attenuation settings, follow the steps below:

Step 1- Go to the settings option in the bottom left corner of the Discord App.

Step 2- Click on Voice and Video and scroll down to the Attenuation slider.

Step 3- Move the slider left or right to increase or decrease the Attenuation.

Step 4- Finally, make sure that the ‘when others speak’ toggle is turned on,

Tip 5- Discord push to talk

During intense gaming sessions, background noises and other disturbances can overwhelm your teammate’s speakers. And by turning ‘on’ Discord push to talk, you can mute your mic whenever you want unless you’re ready to hit a button and chat with your friends.

Step 1- First, navigate to your discord settings by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the app.

Step 2- Under the ‘app settings’ section, click on voice and video, and under the Input mode, click on ‘push to talk’

Step 3- Now, assign your desired key in the “Shortcut box” and hit stop recording. The key will now act as the hotkey to enable push to talk in Discord.

Step 4-You can also move the slider to increase or decrease the delay between your clicking the key and recording your voice. 

Now, you can record your voice clearly without any outside sound disturbances.

Tip 6- By adjusting advanced voice processing settings

You can adjust the voice processing settings of Discord in a couple of steps. Changing these settings will clear any input problems from the voice processing settings of Discord, allowing your mic to record in a quality that will make your friends feel like you are using an expensive device even though if it’s not.

Step 1- Start by navigating to the Discord setting using a gear-like option.

Step 2- Then go to “Voice and Video” under app section settings.

Step 3- Scroll down and look for voice processing making sure that echo cancellation is active.

Step 4- Activate both the “Automatic Gain control” and “advanced voice activity” if they are disabled.  


If you ever have the urge to improve the sound quality of your microphone on Discord, don’t hesitate to attempt the workarounds listed above. Just make sure you don’t settle for poor audio quality. If you aren’t able to hear your teammates clearly, it will definitely hamper your gameplay.

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