Why Are My Airpods So Quiet? And How to make your AirPods louder? [Fixed]

How often have you felt that the volume of your AirPods is not enough? We are sure a lot of users will answer this question by saying ‘a lot of times’. 

Low volumes are manageable as long as you stay indoors. But as soon as you hit the road, the problem intensifies. You will have no option but to ditch your AirPods for some other earphones in that case.

If you too are wondering ‘Why are my AirPods so quiet?’, then this article is for you because, in this article, we will explain how to make them sound louder and better. 

First, we shall start with some basic troubleshooting and maintenance for the AirPods. If this doesn’t work for you, we will discuss the specific approaches that need to be followed to fix the problem on your device in the latter section of the article. 

Why Are My Airpods So Quiet And How to fix AirPods sound?

We have covered the solutions for both iOS and Android operating systems, so make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

Solution 1: Clean your AirPods

AirPods are very tiny. It is easy for dirt to get accumulated near the audio drivers and cause them to sound feeble. What you can do in such a case is try to clean the AirPods. 

Step 1: Dampen a lint-free cloth with a small amount of water or alcohol-based cleaner. 

Step 2: Wipe the entire surface on the device with the cloth. Pay special attention when wiping near the audio drivers. 

Source: Zollotech

Step 3: Using a cotton earbud, try to clear anything else that remains. 

If you use AirPods Pro, then you can even remove its ear tips for cleaning. 

Step 4: Take off the ear tips and dip them in a bowl filled with water. Don’t use any harsh cleaner like detergent, soap, handwash, etc. 

Step 5: After 4-5 mins, take the ear tips out of the bowl and wipe them gently with a lint-free cloth.

Step 6: Finally, fit them back into your AirPods Pro.

Solution 2: Restart and reconnect

If you’ve been continuously using your smartphone or AirPods for a long time, then you should probably give them a break. 

Step 1: Put your AirPods back in their case to disconnect them from your smartphone. 

Step 2: Turn off the Bluetooth setting from the notifications tab/control center on your phone.

Step 3: Now restart it using the power button. 

Step 4: After your device restarts, turn on the Bluetooth again and connect to your AirPods. 

If there’s a minor glitch, then that should get fixed.

How to make your AirPods louder on iOS?

We will take a look at how to fix AirPods audio on iOS devices first. 

For the tutorial, we are going to write everything in the context of iPhones, but the process will remain almost the same for other devices running on iOS. 

Android users can skip to the next section.

Solution 3: Change the volume limit

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down till you find the Music setting. 

Step 2: Open the Music setting. 

Under the playback tab, you will see an option that reads ‘Volume limit’, which is turned off by default. 

Step 3: Tap on this option and increase the volume limit to about 20-30% or any other value that you may find suitable. 

That’s it. Enjoy the louder music now.

Solution 4: Change the Equalizer settings

Step 1: Open the Music tab in the Settings app again. 

Step 2: This time, tap on the EQ option under the playback tab. 

Most people keep their equalizer off or on bass boost. What this does is that it suppresses some of the mid-frequency audio signals due to which the volume feels a bit low. 

Step 3: Switching the EQ to Flat might actually boost the volume of your AirPods by a decent margin.

How to make your AirPods louder on Android?

There are quite a few things to try out here. Let’s take a look at different fixes one by one. 

Solution 5: Override the high volume warning

This one is going to be really simple. All you have to do is press and hold the volume up button till you get a warning which reads: ‘Listening at high volume for a long time may damage your hearing.’ or something similar. Press OK and play something to see if the volume actually increases or not.

Just make sure you don’t keep the AirPods in your ears when increasing the volume. If the volume increases suddenly, then you may end up hurting your ears.

Solution 6: Disable the absolute volume setting

The next solution requires changing a setting in developer options. Here is how you can access this setting and change it:

Step 1: In the settings app, scroll all the way down to find the ‘About phone’ section and tap on it. 

Step 2: Press the ‘Build number’ repeatedly till you unlock the developer options. 

Step 3: Now go back to the settings menu and find the ‘developer options’ section and tap on it. Depending on which Android version and custom skin you are running, the location on this menu might slightly differ. 

Step 4: Here, you will find a plethora of different options. Find the ‘Disable absolute volume’ and turn it off. 

Note: On some Android devices, this feature may not be available. For all those who don’t have this option in the developer settings or turning it off doesn’t work, we recommend trying the next method.

Solution 7: Installing a third-party app to increase AirPods volume

You can boost the volume of your device with the help of an Android app called ‘Volume Booster GOODEV’. Let’s see how that can be done. 

Step 1: Open the Play Store on your Android phone. 

Step 2: Search for the term ‘volume booster’. 

Step 3: ‘Volume Booster GOODEV’ should come up as the first search result. Install it. 

Alternatively, you can directly get to the download page of the application by visiting this link: Volume Booster GOODEV – Apps on Google Play.

Step 4: Once the installation completes, open the application. The app has a very minimal interface. When you open it up, you just see a volume slider that lets you boost the maximum volume of your device. 

Step 5: Slide it a bit to the right (20%-30%) for starters and play something on your phone to see if the volume of music in your AirPods increases or not. 

Step 6: If it does, return to the application and tweak the slider again till you achieve the desired volume.

[Fix] One AirPod louder than the other

This is also a very commonly occurring issue that happens with a lot of AirPods users. If you, too, are wondering why is one AirPod louder than the other? Then we might have something for you. 

iOS provides an inbuilt feature to balance the audio drivers. If you are an iPhone/iPad user, then all you need to do is:

Step 1: Open the Accessibility tab in the Settings menu. 

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Audio/Visual’ setting found under the Hearing tab. 

Step 3: Here, move the slider to fix the unbalanced audio.

The same can be done on Android devices, too, by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Here, open the Accessibility settings.

Step 3: Under the Audio and On-screen text group, you can find a slider that will let you adjust the audio balance.

If you don’t find this option in the Accessibility setting, then you will have to download a third-party app to get the balancing done.


We explained the step-by-step process to how to make your AirPods louder. If you ever find your AirPods not loud enough, try the different suggested solutions that might get your problem fixed.

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