How to Make Your Mic Louder: Steps to Boosting the Volume

In the modern world, we use mics on a daily basis without even noticing it much. We make calls, give commands to virtual assistants, do google searches, and much more through built-in mics of our devices. We also use external mics while playing games or for recording audio and podcasts, etc.

If your mic volume is low, it can hamper your communication or ruin your gaming experience. Imagine calling a friend during an emergency and he can’t even hear you. You can face such issues with both built-in and external microphones.

Various factors can affect the sound and quality of your mic and thus there are multiple ways to improve it. Are you wondering how to make your mic louder? Let us discuss the different methods to do so in this article.

Why is my mic so quiet?

One of the most common reasons why your mic may fail to catch your voice properly is because it is clogged. With prolonged usage, the protective mesh over your mic may get clogged with dust, lint, etc. it blocks your voice from reaching the mic properly and your mic gets quieter.

Some other reasons why your mic may become quieter are listed below:

Faulty cables: Most external mics connect with your device through a cable. If the cable gets damaged or its ports are worn out, it can produce poor-quality sound.

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Bad internet connection: Poor reception or bad internet connection can also hamper the performance of your mic. It may result in low or no volume in your devices.

Mic Settings: Faulty settings could also be another reason why your mic is not loud enough.

Hardware compatibility: Some instruments or software may not be compatible with your device or operating system. Facing issues of poor quality volume with your microphone in such cases is pretty common.

Mic Drivers: Drivers are software that facilitates communication between your device and the Operating system. If the device drivers are outdated or incompatible, it can result in a lower mic sound.

These are some of the reasons that can hamper the sound clarity, quality, and sound of your mic. Let us now move on to the various methods to fix it and make your mic louder.

How to increase mic volume on Windows 10

You may feel lower sound levels while trying to record an audio on your Windows 10 PC. You may also come across a mic issue while playing a game on your PC. If you feel your mic sound is lower, you should check if your mic settings are correct. Follow the steps given below 

  • Locate the Sounds icon in the bottom bar of your desktop or pc and right-click on it. The icon would look like a single speaker.
  • When the ‘Sounds’ window opens up, click on the ‘Recording devices’ tab.
  • On this page, you will see your internal microphone and any other microphone that you are using. Your default internal mic will be listed at the Top.
  • Right-click on the microphone in which you are facing the issue and reach the ‘Properties’ menu. Otherwise, just click on ‘Properties’ at the bottom of the pop-up window.
  • In the new pop-up window, click on the ‘Levels’ tab. The mic volume level and boost sliders will appear before you.

Use the sliders to adjust your microphone. Image Source:

  • The top slider simply raises the volume level. Move the slider towards the right to make your mic louder.
  • The bottom slider raises the Microphone Boost level. Be careful with this slider, it might make it harder for others to hear you. Test its effect with someone first before using it.
  • The volume level does not have to be at full capacity of 100% but should be high enough so that the computer can detect your audio properly.
  • Also, make sure that your microphone is not muted. If your mic is muted, the microphone icon looks like the image shown below. Click on the speaker icon to un-mute your mic. 
  •  Click on the ‘Apply’ button and then ‘OK’ at the bottom to confirm the new volume level.

 If the ‘Apply’ button is not enabled, just click on the ‘OK’ button to complete the process. If your mic was quieter because of reduced volume in settings, it is resolved now.

How To Change Microphone Volume Using Settings

If you cannot find the sound icon on your taskbar, follow the steps ahead to make these changes.

  • Click on the Start’ button from your home screen and then click on the gear icon on the left. 
  • You can also use the ‘Windows+I’ command to open it.
  • In the ‘Settings’ window, click on the ‘System‘ option.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Input section in the ‘Sound’ window.
  • Select the device you’d like to configure using the ‘Choose your input device’ drop-down menu list then click on ‘Device properties.’
  • Now use the slider to adjust the input level of the microphone. By default, the volume level is set at 0.0 dB in the system.

Microphone volume too low

Sometimes, boosting your microphone volume may not be enough to resolve the Microphone volume too low issue. If you continue to face lowered sound, you will need to perform some other checks. Follow the steps below:

  • Reach the ‘Microphone Properties’ window through the steps shown earlier.
  • Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab now.
  • Uncheck the box saying “Allow applications to take executive control of this device.”

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  • Press the ‘Apply’ button followed by ‘Ok’ to complete the process.

Performing the above steps should rectify your mic volume if there was a settings issue. You can also perform some other checks to improve your microphone sensitivity as mentioned below.

How to increase the sensitivity of my microphone?

When you record your audio, the ambient sound around you may decrease its overall quality. Such unwanted noise is suppressed through various hardware and software involvement for clear audio. Follow the below steps to increase the sensitivity of your microphone:

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  • Reach the ‘Control Panel’ on your device.
  • Now, Click on the Icon named ‘Sound’ to open it.
  • Click on the ‘Recordings’ Tab in the new window.
  • Open your Microphone from the options and double-click on the mic icon.
  • From here, you can modify the sensitivity levels as needed.

Improved mic sensitivity cancels out the ambient sound and amplifies the primary audio. It gives you a clearer and louder audio quality from the same mic.

How to Make the Microphone Louder in iPhone

An iPhone with an inaudible mic isn’t very useful when you’re trying to make an important video or voice call. Even though you cannot directly change the internal iPhone microphone, you can correct faulty microphone settings. Follow the steps as provided below:

  • Reach the ‘Settings’ of your phone.
  • Find the ‘Sound and Haptics’ option and touch it.
  • Go to ‘Ringer and Alerts’ and then touch ‘Change with buttons.’
  • Toggle the button to turn it on.

You should also adjust your phone’s mic sensitivity through the following steps:

  • Go to ‘Accessibility’ in the ‘Settings’ of your iPhone.
  • Click on ‘Audio/visual’ and then touch ‘Phone Noise Cancellation.’
  • Touch the toggle key to turn it on.

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Some other ways to make your mic louder

There are some other ways that you should try if changing the setting didn’t make your mic louder. These have been mentioned below:

  • Clean the protective mesh over the mic carefully using a swab and a soft brush. Be careful not to use something hard to keep your microphone safe. Do not use chemicals other than rubbing alcohol to clean the mesh.

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  • Clean the jack of your mic and cable with a clean cloth and cotton swab. Do not use rough items to scrub it as it may cause further damage.
  • Replace the aux cable of your mic if it is very old.
  • If you are using an external mic, check the specifications and compatibility. Make sure that it is compatible with your Operating system and that you have installed the required drivers
  • Check your mic on other devices to ensure it is working properly.
  • Update your mic drivers from the ‘Device Manager’ in Windows.


If none of the above steps seems to work for you, we still have a solution for you. You can use mic booster software to amplify the sound of external and internal microphones of your devices. These programs provide various options to help you increase the mic volume.

They work on microphone sensitivity, fader gain, and pre-amplification for better results. These software enhance your mic volume at the system level. You can record with an amplified sound using the dedicated software programs mentioned below.

1.   VoicemeeterIt Routes a multitude of sources

2.   Expstudio Audio Editorit Supports WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG

3.   Equalizer APOit Analyzes peak gain

4.   Kazi Sound Recorderit comes with sampling settings

5.   Audacity it Supports multitrack audio


In this article, we explained to you the different methods that will help you make your mic louder. Some methods explained above are very easy while others can get complicated. You can choose the best solution for you as per the need and suitability.

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