How to Pair LG Soundbar to Subwoofer – Quick Solution

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Pairing soundbars to subwoofers, including LG soundbars, is now easier than ever before. However, many people tend to get confused with the technicality associated either with wired or wireless connectivity. 

If you are confused as to how to pair your LG soundbar to the subwoofer, we recommend checking out the simple fixes we have listed in this post. 

The simplest fix to pair LG soundbar to subwoofer

There’s no denying the fact that there are many types of technical or non-technical issues that can disrupt the pairing between an LG soundbar and its subwoofer (or any soundbar and subwoofer in general).

And there are different types of fixes to try in order to resolve the particular pairing issue one may be facing. But the simplest fix that works for many LG soundbar and subwoofer pairing problems is to simply put the subwoofer on the pairing mode. 

To do this, follow the steps listed below: 

Step 1: Find the pairing button either on the LG soundbar or the LG subwoofer. 

Step 2: If the pairing button has a recessed design, take a screwdriver.

Step 3: With the help of the screwdriver, press the pairing button and make sure to hold for five seconds

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Step 4: In most LG subwoofers and soundbars, turning the pairing mode on will be indicated by a few red LED blinks which will turn to green blinks. 

Step 5: After the LG soundbar is paired with the subwoofer or vice versa, the green LED blink will turn to always-on green LED status. 

LG soundbar and subwoofer not pairing

In many cases, LG soundbars and subwoofers just don’t pair. This type of issue is common with soundbars and subwoofers of other brands as well. 

In order to steer clear of pairing error issues, we recommend following the steps listed below: 

Step 1: Turn on the soundbar as well as the subwoofer

Step 2: Set the volume of both the units to a minimum. 

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Step 3: Rest the soundbar and subwoofer units. You can do this by pressing and holding either the Mute or the Stop button. 

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Step 4: Reset the pairing mode. (Refer to the simple fix section)

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Step 5: Restart the audio system. To do this, cut off the power supply, unplug the power cord, and then again plug back in. 

Step 6: Play music or any audio to test. 

Pairing fix for relatively old LG soundbars and subwoofers

The solution which we have listed above may not work for LG soundbar and subwoofer models that are a couple of generations old. 

If you have a set of LG soundbar and subwoofer that you bought three or four years back, we recommend trying this solution in order to resolve the pairing issue: 

Step 1: Locate the control buttons on the soundbar unit. 

In many old LG soundbars, there are a couple of extra buttons apart from the primary control buttons, including volume up, volume down, play/pause, and power. 

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Step 2: Locate the control button that offers extra functionality apart from the primary controls. 

Image credit: Dominic Gichane

Step 3: Locate the Stop button on the remote control unit. 

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Step 4: Press and hold both the extra button on the soundbar and the Stop button on the remote control at the same time.

Step 5: The LED on the subwoofer should blink green and the LED status on the soundbar should display the “Paired” status. 

Image credit: Dominic Gichane

How do I connect my subwoofer to my soundbar?

If your LG subwoofer and soundbar only use a wired connection, then you have to use appropriate audio cables in order to connect them. 

If you have a wireless LG subwoofer and soundbar, turn on the pairing mode and leave them for pairing until the LED displays green status. 

How do I put my LG soundbar in pairing mode?

Many new wireless LG soundbars have a dedicated pairing mode button in the remote control. You can simply press the pairing mode button in order to turn on the pairing mode and then have the soundbar paired with the subwoofer. 

Many LG subwoofers also have a dedicated pairing button on the back panel. You’ll need to use a screwdriver or a toothpick to press and hold the recessed pairing button in order to turn on the pairing mode. 

Why won’t my subwoofer connect to my soundbar?

Make sure that both the subwoofer and the soundbar are plugged in. It’s important to turn on the pairing mode either on the subwoofer or on the soundbar. Reset both the subwoofer and the soundbar and re-pair them from the start. 

How do I reset my LG soundbar subwoofer?

You can reset your LG soundbar or subwoofer by simply pressing and holding either the stop button or the mute button. If you do not find these buttons on the subwoofer or the soundbar unit, locate them on the remote control unit. 

Many LG soundbar and subwoofer units also have a dedicated reset button either on the back panel or on the front control buttons panel. 

Connectivity specifications for newer LG soundbar models

Many new LG soundbars and subwoofers come with various types of connectivity specifications. 

With modern LG soundbars and subwoofer, you’ll get different types of audio connectivity options to choose from, including wireless Bluetooth connectivity, wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, wired USB input, and wired optical input. 

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