How To Play Music Through the Mic on Skype?

In the pandemic, people started using Skype for multiple tasks. For example, having important meetings and scheduling fun calls. It is very difficult for the people to be alone, who used to spend a lot of hours daily in offices.

Now, to compensate the loneliness, applications like Skype, Zoom and Google meet were heavily used. In the scope of fun activities, people started connecting the mic for the music during calls.

How To Play Music Through the Mic on Skype?

The program which is used for doing this activity is called as VoiceMeeter by VB-audio. After visiting the official website, users can find multiple PDFs to have a walkthrough of the program about setting up the functionality as a default audio mixture. 

  • Also, you can download their virtual Audio cable by hitting the button on the left side of the tool. To understand that you need to restart your computer once the tools are configured. This way in case any process is blocked gets released.
  • Now on the top of the Input section, choose the microphone you want to use for skyping calls. Here, you’ve two options i.e., you want to use the external mic or the internal one. 
  • When selecting both speakers, you are going to notice multiple options like WDM, MME, and KS. The option you are going to choose won’t affect the working a lot. However, by trying all the options you can choose the best one.

Credit: Microsoft 

  • Now once the above settings are done, click the “2” button from drop-down button by selecting the cable output again with the WDM setting. Also, try to have only B in Channel 1 and only A in channel 2. 

The reason for choosing only B in the first channel is minimum or no feedback during skype calls. However, others are able to hear your voice. Same reason for choosing “B”, so you’ll be able to hear their voice and there is no echo.

  • Once this setup is done, click the menu button at the top right and check off the system tray button. The Voicemeeter output should be the default recording. Now we can set up both Skype and Voicemeeter.
  • Now open Skype and navigate to the settings by clicking the Ellipsis menu (…). Choose audio and video in the settings window and scroll down to the audio settings section. Go with the screenshot attached below:

Credit: Microsoft

Once these settings are done, you are now ready to play songs from computer to skype. Your callers can also hear clear sounds and simultaneously, you can continue the call. However, you’re listening to the music directly, while they’re listening through calls. Because of this, the frequency difference will be there.

How to launch the Skype app in Windows 10?

Skype (now owned by Microsoft) is also available for Windows 10 as a built-in application. The only thing you need to do is to log in to the Microsoft account and hit the icon. Quickly, the application will start as per the information you’ve provided. Follow the instructions if you haven’t used Skype before:

search for skype in cortana

Credit: DigitalUnite

  • Step 1: Launch the application: To start Skype for Windows 10, select the start menu. It is located at the bottom of your screen. Also, there is an option to scroll down and find the application. Make sure to have a microphone enabled on the system. 

If it is not enabled, then use the voice command to configure the same with Cortana. Click the Cortana search box, select microphone, and ask Cortana to launch skype. The shortcut Windows + Q directly helps you to search with Cortana.

  • Step 2: Initialise Skype: When you are starting Skype for the first time, a few permissions are required. Click the allow button for providing microphone and camera access. Blocking the access can prevent using video or voice calls.
Allow Skype to have access to your microphone

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  • Step 3: Merge accounts: If you are already using skype before, use that account to log in. If not, you can create a new account quickly. Now you have an option to connect your address book to your phone number. However, this mobile verification is also important.
if you are an existing Skype user you can choose to merge your Microsoft account

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  • Step 4: Understand the login and logout procedure: Logging in into the application helps you use your account and workspace. Here, all the activities you do are saved in the form of logs. However, you should also understand that logging out is also important. Not logging out may help others in getting unauthorized access to the portal.
find friends and family using your address book

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How to initiate a call on skype?

Calling Skype contacts through skype is free. However, calling a phone or landline number is chargeable. Firstly, find the person who has skype account to initiate a call. If you don’t have any contacts, then find a contact.

Now, once contact is selected, click the audio button to initiate a voice call or a video button to initiate a video call. If you want to make a group call, then simply add all the participants one by one. Once a list is prepared, hit the start button to start the call.

Is there any option to dial toll-free numbers?

Yes, using the same dial pad, you can dial toll-free numbers. However, the access is limited to specific countries. The following countries are currently supported for dialling free of charge toll-free numbers.

  • USA: +1 800, +1 866, +1 877, +1 888
  • France: +33 800, +33 805, +33 809
  • UK: +44 500, +44 800, +44 808
  • Poland: +48 800
  • Taiwan: +886 80

Credit: DigitalUnite

How To Manage Group Chats?

  • Add or update group profile picture: Click on the ground photo to upload a new photo or to remove a group photo.
  • Change the group name: Select the text button where the name is displayed and type a new name.
  • Allow joining via the link: Select the option to turn on joining via a link, so that members can join the group chat with others. Copy the invite link to the clipboard and share as per convenience.
  • Send messages: Type your message and hit enter to send it.
  • Schedule calls Select schedule calls and selects the time and date. You can also send an invite link to a specific audience by choosing them.
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