How to turn your mic on in Fortnite?

Imagine you along with your team have been deployed in a forest to fight enemies in all 4 directions and you have top-notch weapons and enough ammunition. Do you think that’s enough to win the battle? There’s always one thing that is most important in every battle, and that is strategy.

You would want to talk to your teammates to be in sync in terms of what you see around and shoot enemies down in a strategic manner. At this point, having your microphone enabled and ready is very important.

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But, how to turn on your mic in Fortnite? There are various Fortnite platforms available which are PC, Mobile, PlayStation and Xbox. We will explore a step-by-step guide on how to configure your microphone with Fortnite for these platforms.

Setting up a microphone in Fortnite on PC

Before proceeding with the below steps,  make sure to plug in the mic to the right port.

1. Launch Fortnite on your PC and head to the main menu.

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2. Go to Settings.

3. Choose Audio and set the audio input to the correct device. 

4. Turn on the voice chat to have your microphone working.

5. If you wish to push a key to talk, you can slide the toggle of ‘Push to Talk’ to ‘On’. If you don’t want to press a key and want the teammates to hear you all the time, you can turn the ‘Push to talk’ button ‘Off’. 

6. Apply the settings.

7. If you keep the ‘Push to talk’ in ‘On’ state, you can go to the keyboard shortcut on the same page, scroll down to ‘Push to Talk’, and make sure it is set to ‘Y’.

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Setting up a microphone in Fortnite on Mobile

Whether you are using an iPhone or any android smartphone, you can use the below steps to enable your microphone on Fortnite.

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  1. Launch Fortnite on your mobile and head to the main menu.

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  1. Click on Settings.
  1. Look for the Audio symbol.
  1. Enable the Voice Chat option.
  1. You can turn on the ‘Push To Talk’ option if you want to have to push a key everytime you talk unless you want your teammates to hear you all the time.
  2. Apply these settings and you are done!

Note that, if you are enabling the ‘Push To Talk’ option, it should be set to ‘Y’ under the keyboard shortcut as described previously.

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Setting up a microphone in Fortnite on PlayStation and Xbox

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The steps to set up a microphone on Fortnite for PlayStation and Xbox are identical. PlayStation and Xbox do not support the ‘Push To Talk’ feature so you have to make sure your microphone of your headphone is working and plugged in properly on the PlayStation.  To do that, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Launch Fortnite on your PlayStation or Xbox and head to the gear-like Settings menu.

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  1. Under Settings, go to Devices
  1. Choose Audio Devices
  1. Confirm the headphones you have connected are listed in the Input and Output Device tab.
  1. Make sure the checkbox for Switch Output Device automatically is enabled.
  1. Next, go to Adjust Microphone level and confirm if your microphone is working.
  1. Go to Settings > Audio Settings and shift the toggle for Voice Chat to On.
  1. Apply the changes.

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Final Thoughts

Do you like to play PvP games without a mic? Absolutely, not? It is really annoying when the mic is not enabled or working. So, the next time you are planning to go on a Battle Royale on Fortnite, do not forget to keep your microphone ready and enabled.

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