How to use Apple headphones on Xbox One to talk?

Apple has always provided us with great ecosystems to work with. The brand keeps coming with new and innovative products regularly that complement each other in the best possible way. 

How to use Apple headphones on Xbox One to talk

But when it comes to connecting Apple devices to the devices manufactured by some other brand, there are some issues that will arise. Even if the devices support a common connectivity protocol, it is impossible to get them connected directly. 

The same is true for some other popular brands up to an extent. For users, this creates a lot of problems. A similar issue arises when you wish to connect apple headphones with the Xbox One. So, if you ask us, can you use apple headphones as a mic on Xbox? We’d say, yes, it’s possible but with some workarounds.

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In this article, we are going to discuss how you can connect different Apple headphones to the Xbox one to talk with your teammates when playing games. Read on to find out everything about the process.

Method 1: Using Apple EarPods on Xbox One

Let’s first take a look at the process of connecting Apple EarPods, the most common Apple headphones ever.

Step 1: The first step is to “turn on” your Xbox One console. 

Step 2: Next up, “switch on” your controller using the power button. 

Step 3: Get your Apple EarPods and plug them into the 3.5 mm audio jack. You can find the audio jack just below the D-pad/Right analog stick. 

Using Apple EarPods on Xbox One
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At this point, you would assume that that’s all you need to do to get your Apple EarPods connected to the Xbox console; however, there is an additional step that you have to complete in order to be able to use the apple headphones on Xbox one to talk. 

Step 4: Press the Xbox home button to open up the options menu. 

Step 5: Navigate to system settings by pressing the Right Trigger button on your Xbox controller.

Step 6: If you have plugged in the Apple headphones, you will be able to see the audio setting tab. Open it. 

Step 7: If the slider next to the headset mic option is turned off, make sure to turn it on. Without this, you won’t be able to use your Apple EarPods’ mic. 

Step 8: Adjust the headset volume and mic monitoring option. Preferably, keep headset volume in the middle and mic monitoring low. This is the best audio setting that you can do for the Apple headphones. 

 Using Apple EarPods on Xbox One step 2
Source: Nick Robinson

That’s it. Now fire up your favorite game and enjoy chatting with your friends.

Method 2: Using Apple AirPods/AirPods Pro with Xbox One

As we mentioned earlier during the introduction of this article, it is not possible to connect Apple AirPods/AirPods Pro to your Xbox One console directly. It is true that both the devices support Bluetooth connectivity, but still, Microsoft doesn’t let you play on your gaming console with Bluetooth headphones. The reason for that being a topic of discussion for another article. 

Now let’s see how to use Apple Headphones on Xbox one to talk. 

Before you start following the steps, make sure you have an iPhone with you because we are going to connect the Apple headphones to your Xbox One with the help of the iPhone.

Step 1: Download the Xbox application from the Apple AppStore. 

Using Apple AirPods/AirPods Pro with Xbox One

Step 2: After the application is downloaded, sign in to it using the same Microsoft account that you used to sign in to your Xbox one console. This step is really important; if you get this wrong, you won’t be able to get your devices connected. 

Step 3: From the Xbox app’s main screen, tap on the Xbox icon present next to the ring or bell icon on the top right side. 

Step 4: Here, tap on the ‘Remote play on this device’ button. Wait for a while till the device connects to your Xbox console.

Step 5: If the connection succeeds, you will be able to see your Xbox screen mirrored to your iPhone. At this point, you can use your Xbox controller to navigate through the interface. 

Using Apple AirPods/AirPods Pro with Xbox One app
Source: LoFi Alpaca

Step 6: Grab your Apple AirPods/AirPods Pro. Take them out of their case. 

Step 7: If you have already paired your AirPods, they will get connected automatically. Otherwise, if you are doing this for the first time, you will have to turn on the Bluetooth and connect them. 

Your phone will now act as a middle man sitting between the two devices to enable them to connect. You should now be able to hear the Xbox’s audio from the AirPods/AirPods Pro.

Step 8: You can now leave your iPhone on charge and lower its brightness to the minimum to avoid battery drain. 

Sit back and enjoy gaming.

Method 3: Using Apple AirPods Pro Max with Xbox One

If you are wondering how to use Apple headphones as a mic on Xbox one, and the Apple headphones that you are talking about is the AirPods Pro Max, then you have two options to go with. You can get them connected using a lightning port – 3.5 mm audio connector or via iPhone wirelessly. 

If you decide to go forward with the wired connection, just plug in the connector to the lightning port of the AirPods pro max, and now you can plug in the other and of the connector into the audio port of the Xbox controller. 

Refer to the ‘Using Apple EarPods on Xbox One’ section above to learn more about how to use Apple earbuds on Xbox one. The process for connecting AirPods Pro Max will be the same as Apple EarPods if you connect them via a wired connection. 

If you decide to go with the wireless connection, follow the ‘Using Apple AirPods/AirPods Pro with Xbox One’ to learn how to use apple headphones on Xbox one to talk. The process for connecting AirPods Pro Max will be the same as Apple Airpods/AirPods if you connect them via Bluetooth.

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