How to Use Beats as a Mic on PS4

Using a headphone with a Mic with PS4 or PS5 becomes mandatory when you’re crazy about gaming. But little did you know that not all headphones are compatible with PlayStation. 

Why are Third-party Headphones not Compatible with PS4?

The reason – PlayStation has its official headsets (Sony) that are compatible with PS4 and PS5 controllers (DualShock 4). Only a few third-party manufacturers are licensed to manufacture headphones that are compatible with PS4. 

And to our surprise, Beats isn’t one of them, meaning that you may not be able to use any Beats headphone as a Mic on PS4, directly. 

Do Bluetooth Dongles Work Accurately as a Transmitter with PS4?

There are few dongles that claim to work perfectly with PS4 to access mic as an input audio but, in our research, a lot of negative reviews are proof of evidence (this and this) that such dongles don’t work as expected.

The good news is, there’s a way around – not a permanent or 100% working method, but it works like a charm if you do it correctly as explained in our guide below. 

Of course, you cannot use your Beats headphones wirelessly as Bluetooth connection of Beats and PS4 won’t work. You need to connect Beats headphones to the PS4 controller by using a 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable. If you don’t have the cable, get one now!

If you’ve an older DualShock 4 Controller (before early 2019), Beats Mic will work perfectly with PS4. But if you’ve the newest DualShock 4 Controller, you might end up buying a headphone that’s compatible with PS4 as you don’t have any other option. 

However, these are just rumors and the final result can be only decided when you try this yourself. So it’s better to give it a try with your Beats headphones mic before you get frustrated! 

Use Beats as a Mic on PS4 with This Tweak!

Here’s the guide on how to use Beats as a Mic on your PS4. 

  • Launch Settings on your PS4 using the controller.

Image Credit: YouTube

  • Now, select Devices from the list by scrolling down.

Image Credit: YouTube

  • Select Audio Devices in the next window.

Image Credit: YouTube

  • Next, select Adjust Microphone level on PS4 (this option will only get activated when you connect your Beats headphone with 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable to your Controller). 

Image Credit: YouTube

Pro Tip: Don’t push the Beats 3.5mm cord fully in the controller and try to spin it until you get the microphone input on your PS4 screen (Input volume line moves when you speak)

  • Once done, adjust the Microphone level from low to high (as per your preferences). 

Image Credit: YouTube

  • Keep the cord moving and speak something until you see the movement in the Input Volume lines as shown below. 

Image Credit: YouTube

The testing of the microphone with your wired Beats headphones depends on your luck and the way you insert the cord in the PlayStation’s controller. 

That said, a lot of users in the comments have confirmed that this method did work for them and a few of them claimed that Beats Solo 3 too worked like a charm with PS4 as a Mic. 

Given how lucky you could be, do give this a try rather than getting a new headphone that’s compatible with PS4. 

This method only has 1 drawback (of course, only if it worked for you). You need to repeat this process every time you restart your PS4 and connect Beats headphones with your controller.  

That said, here are a few questions often asked by Beats users. Let’s uncover some of them. 

Can you connect Bluetooth Beats to PS4?

Beats isn’t compatible with PS4 and PS5 controllers. But you can still give it a try by pairing them (as you usually pair with any other device) and use them for audio output. The Mic won’t work until you connect your Beats and controller with the 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable. 

Why does my Beats Mic not work with PS4?

As we explained that it all depends on your luck and the way you insert the cord in the controller. It may work for you if you’re fortunate enough. 

How do I use my Beats as a Mic?

Plug the 3.5mm jack into the controller where the microphone symbol is visible. Connect the other end of the cable to your Beats and start using it as a Mic on PS4 or Xbox One once connected!

Wrapping Up!

By now, you must know the ins and outs of using Beats as a mic on your PS4. Do give it a try and see if the above-explained method works for you. Happy gaming!

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