How to wear Apple earbuds?

New Apple AirPods and the good ol’ Apple EarPods both have something in common. Both of them obviously have excellent sound quality. 

But that’s not the only thing common with them. These suffer from what we can call a design issue by Apple. Both the Apple EarBuds and the Apple AirPods fall off easily. 

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If you’ve used either of the devices, then you would have suddenly noticed it. So here is an article that explains how you can prevent the Apple earphones from slipping off your ears. 

We have also explained a serious health-related concern for regular users of earphones, so don’t forget to check it out.

Why do Apple earbuds fall off?

In case you’re curious about why the Apple EarPods (or even Apple AirPods) fall off, here is an explanation for you. 

Apple earbuds tend to fall off easily in the gym. Source: Corporis

There are two reasons why Apple earbuds fall off. 

The first one being the material from which they are made. The earbuds are made out of silicon plastic which naturally has a smoother surface and a small coefficient of friction. This makes it difficult for the earbud to hold on to your ears. 

Another reason for the reduction in the coefficient of friction is earwax. Earwax acts as a lubricant and makes the surface of the ears a bit more slippery. 

If we compare the Apple earbuds with some other wired or wireless phones, we find that the latter ones do a lot better job at firmly staying plugged in your ears. 

The reason for their good grip is the ear tips that come with them. These ear tips come with silicon rubber that increases friction and lets the earphones fit properly in the ears and stay at their place.

Best Accessories to help you wear Apple EarPods/AirPods correctly 

If you are going to the gym, sports club, or traveling, then you should consider buying an accessory kit for your AirPods. 

Here is a list of accessories that are worth considering: 

AirPods ear tips: These are nothing but regular ear tips that you find with most other earphones in the market. They are made of soft silicone material and prevent your Apple AirPods from falling off easily.

AirPods strap: We totally understand that putting a strap on your AirPods completely defeats the purpose of it being a true-wireless stereo earphone. But we can’t help it. 

Apple AirPods strap and other must-have accessories. Source: Amazon

If the ground is wet, and you drop your AirPods on it, the device may not live to see the next day. Though most AirPods do survive minor dust, humidity, and shocks, Apple doesn’t officially confirm that the product is waterproof or dustproof. So putting a strap on your AirPods when you’re doing heavy activities and movements is recommended. 

AirPods case cover: Covers not only make your AirPods case look a lot more stylish but also provide an excellent grip on it. You are a lot less likely to drop your AirPods case if it’s in a cover.

AirPods keyring: Keyrings can help you carry some keys with you. You can hook your AirPods case with a bag or a purse using the same keyring.

AirPods carrying case: You should own an AirPods carrying case. We don’t mean the one in which the product comes in, but a case where you can keep the AirPods with its charging case and all other accessories in. 

Buying all these products together as a part of an all-in-one kit can help you save some bucks. Here is one such product that costs as much as a chocolate bar and includes all the accessories mentioned above: Filoto Airpod Silicone Case Cover with Keychain/Strap/Earhooks/Accessories

The product comes with dozens of different color options for you to choose from. Pick the one that matches your style.

How to wear Apple EarBuds? The right way

There is nothing special in wearing Apple EarBuds. All you have to do is simply tuck them in your ear properly so that they fit right in. Here is a GIF from Apple Earpods’ promo video that shows how the device is intended to be worn.

Apple EarPods promo video explaining how to wear Apple Earbuds properly. Source: LoveApple

To prevent the EarPods from slipping off the ear, some people have started wearing them upside down. Check the image below to understand what exactly it means. 

Wearing the Apple earphone upside down. Source: CBX Studios

While we don’t exactly vouch for this method, for some people, it works well. You should give it a try and see if it works for you.

Why do Apple earbuds hurt?

In this section, we’re going to explain why your Apple earbuds hurt sometimes. We shall also share some tips that you can follow to get rid of the pain. 

So the biggest reason why Apple earbuds hurt is not because of the design but because of the usage style of the product. It is recommended by doctors and experts in the fields that you take off your earphones at least once in 90 mins to maintain the health of your ears. 

A break of 5 to 10 minutes every now and then is enough to let your ears relax.

Take a break from using earphones. Source: Unsplash

If you use Apple earbuds as a daily driver and spend hours every day using them, then you should probably look for other options now. 

Since earbuds are a lot closer to your ears compared to and over-the-ear headphones, they have the ability to damage your hearing. Always prefer using loudspeakers or over-the-ear headphones over earbuds in order to keep your body healthy.

Final Words

So that’s really all you should know about wearing the Apple EarPods correctly. As a rule of thumb, just keep these three things in mind: 

  1. Tuck in the earphones properly when using. 
  2. Buy the right accessories for your earphones. 
  3. Take short breaks after using the earphones for a while.
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