Why Does My Mic keep cutting out on Discord?

Discord is one such platform that allows players to interact in real-time while playing games. However, it is quite a typical problem to have audio problems on the Discord platform. 

It is a problem you’ve probably experienced or are experiencing as numerous problems could make your mic sound bad on Discord.  


If your headset mic sounds muffled, it could happen as a result of a number of reasons. There are many things that must be appropriately checked before concluding you are due for a new mic. 


When you begin to hear static sounds, the likelihood of your PS4 having a faulty hardware is high. Thus, your mic could easily get cut out. It’s ideal you examine your headset closely for any obvious faults. This doesn’t mean you need to purchase a new headset. 

Knowing how to make your mic sound better on Discord doesn’t necessarily involve being thoroughly technical. You just have to be very observant and sensitive. To check for faults, do these few things. 

Unplug then Re-plug

Sometimes, we make the mistake of not plugging in cables properly. Thus, you need to do the following. For starters: 

Unplug your PS4 headset from the console. 

  • Ensure all the dust particles in the port are removed. 
  • Gently re-plug the cords. 

If this fixes the distorted sounds, good for you. If it doesn’t, then try the next step below. 

Check the Audio Function of your Headset 

If your mic sounds bad on Discord, this could be the solution. To be sure about whether your headset is working, plug it to another device, say a computer, phone, or media player. 

Also, dial a number, or make a call. If you can hear the person on the other end but he/she can’t hear you, then you’ll need to check out the mic boom (that will be discussed in the next step). If you can’t hear the person on the other end, then you should check the software settings. 

If everything is in place, then the problem may be with the audio settings of your PS4. Be sure to check it out appropriately. 

Your Mic Boom may need to be checked

If your headset looks fine, then examine the mic boom. The reason your mic sounds bad on Discord could be that your mic boom is loose. To fix it:

  • Remove the headset from the PS4 controller 
  • Take off the mic boom from the headset
  • Properly fix the mic boom appropriately 
  • Then re-connect your headset to your PS4 controller

If all these steps don’t help in fixing your bad mic quality, then you are due for getting a new microphone. 

However, it is essential you check all these things before deciding to buy another headset and mic. You could be throwing money away that could have been avoided with a minor fix. 

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