Mic-Monitoring on Xbox One – Complete Guide

Gaming is an activity that requires great communication on every level. You need to tell your positions and explain your plan to your teammates in FPS games or sometimes it’s about that friendly rivalry between teams. Most of this communication goes through in-built voice channels in the game which is the fastest way to communicate in a fast-paced environment.

Whether it’s console gaming or PC gaming, it is imperative that you get your voice communication right. However, in case of a faulty voice channel, a simple method known as “Mic-Monitoring” can help you figure out if you sound right on the voice chat and troubleshoot all problems yourself. 

What is Mic-Monitoring

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Mic-monitoring is a handy feature that allows you to check your voice quality over the mic. It does so by feeding your mic output to your headphone input so that you can hear your voice. You can hear if your voice has lags, sounds muffled, or is entirely inaudible. 

Mic-monitoring is not only beneficial for gamers, but it also helps in setting up audio output for virtual meetings and calls so that time does not get wasted on initial quality issues. 

Importance of mic-monitoring

A handy feature like mic-monitoring helps in sorting out various audio-related problems It can help in the following ways

Better your team communication

In games where communication between team members is key for victory, even one member having audio issues can be hazardous. No one in a gaming team wants to be that guy which is the reason for a loss. Mic-monitoring helps you set up your voice system, check the connection of your mic, and figure out if there is some background noise that will hamper the playing experience for all players of your team. 

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Allow real-time troubleshooting

Often there are voice issues at your side but you may not have any other person who can prompt you and tell if the quality has improved. In such cases, mic-monitoring can be especially useful as you can do it yourself. It will help you listen to your own voice and perform troubleshooting in real-time. You can also figure out if there are more problems and solve them on the go.

Avoid shouting over the mic

Whether it’s gaming or team meetings, shouting is an activity that upsets the morale and peace within any team. With mic-monitoring, you can set your voice levels based on the background sounds. This will avoid excess shouting on your end and make the gaming process more organized. 

Mic-monitoring on Xbox One

Xbox One consoles provide the mic-monitoring feature to help you set up voice channels before any gaming session. This feature has been present on previous generations of Xbox consoles too. Follow on to read how to enable it on your console.

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Unlike PCs or laptops, gaming consoles cannot directly re-route your audio to your headphones. It requires an external system such as mic-monitoring enabled headphones. 

How to enable

In the case of Xbox One, it automatically activates the mic-monitoring option as soon as a mic-monitoring enabled mic is inserted. In case it is not activated, you can follow this guide to enable and use it for yourself.

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  1. Plug in your mic-monitoring-enabled earphones into the Xbox One controller.
  2. Press the Xbox button and go to the leftmost tab, System > Audio
  3. Adjust the Mic-monitoring slider according to your needs. 

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To disable mic-monitoring, you can lower the slider to zero or remove the headphones from the controller itself.

What if you don’t have a mic-monitoring enabled headphones

As we mentioned above, gaming consoles like Xbox and Playstation do not inherently support mic-monitoring as they are incapable of audio routing. If you do not have gaming headphones that support mic-monitoring, you can use these external peripherals for this purpose.

Turtle Beach Audio Controller


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Turtle Beach Audio Controller is a third-party device that helps you implement various audio settings without having to visit the actual console page every time. It possesses buttons for master volume manipulation and mic-monitoring. Moreover, you can change game and chat volume with some EQ presets. 

Astro Gaming MixAmp

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This device lets you independently control volume levels for both chat and games. It is compatible with PS, Xbox, and PC making it an ideal investment for gamers and content creators. It allows you to perform mic-monitoring and you can also use the Dolby Digital Surround Sound capabilities to enhance the audio experience.  

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