Why does my One(right) AirPods die faster?

There’s actually no particular reason your right AirPod dies faster than the left. In reality, if it is happening frequently, it is safe to say your AirPods batteries are degrading. As time goes on, your AirPods power will drain quicker and quicker. This isn’t an issue of your right earbud taking more power somehow. It’s just your buds don’t have the capacity to hold energy any longer. If the right earbud is causing issues, the left will follow soon. 

While you should take your AirPods to an Apple service store for repair soon or replace them, there is a temporary solution. 

We are more than happy to guide you through it. 

Why does my One(right) AirPods die faster? 

Your right AirPod is dying faster simply because the lithium-ion batteries are close to their expiration time. Fortunately, some tricks can be employed to delay the inevitable. 

Fix Right AirPods Losing Battery Faster By Selecting Same Settings

By evening the playing field between your left and right AirPod, you might be able to delay the battery draining process a bit. 

Step 1: On your iPhone, tap on Settings to launch the program. 

Source: AndroidTechPark

Step 2: Go to Bluetooth

Then, click on the i button besides AirPods. That is the info icon. 


Source: AndroidTechPark

Step 3: Scroll down until you find Double-Tap on AirPod

Source: AndroidTechPark

Then, click on Left under it. You are going into the settings for the left earbud. 

Step 4: 5 options will present to you. 

Source: AndroidTechPark

Select Play/Pause

Step 5: Exit the section. 

Choose Right under Double Tap this time. Repeat the same process. 

This is one method. There is no guarantee this will work and this is usually the weakest fix. 

Fix Right AirPods Losing Battery With Ear Detection

Once you get hang of the AirPods settings, it is easy to go through these steps. 

Step 1: Follow the steps shown in the previous section until Step 2.

Step 2: Scroll until you find Automatic Ear Detection

Source: AndroidTechPark

Turn the toggle off

We hope this one works. 

Fix Right AirPods Losing Battery With Reset

If your AirPod is somehow having a problem with the software and it’s not a battery issue, this method should work. 

Step 1: As before, go to the settings option of your AirPods under Bluetooth. 

Step 2: Tap on Forget This Device

Source: AndroidTechPark

Step 3: Once your device is forgotten, place the AirPods back inside the charger. 

Then, press the button at the back of the charging case. 

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Keep an eye on the blinking light of the charger at the front. Once it turns white, you know your AirPod has been reset. 

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Step 4: Unlock your device. 

Do you see your phone searching for the AirPods? 

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Simply press Connect

Step 5: Your iPhone will ask you to hold on to the button again. We are talking about the one on the charging case’s back. 

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Once you do, you will find your iPhone reconnected. 

How To Fully Drain AirPods Battery?

Well, this one doesn’t require some complicated steps. If you want to try draining your AirPods battery and then charging properly, the solution is simple. 

First, reset your AirPods as we instructed in the previous section. Repair your AirPods to your iPhone. Then, use the AirPods until the battery life has been brought down to 0. The same applies to your charging case. Then, charge your case and finally, your AirPods. 

What can be the cause of Fast battery drain in your AirPods?

We began this article by talking about how your lithium-ion battery could be at the end of its lifetime. However, do you think you have done something that could cause the battery to lose its power so fast? 

Can’t think of anything? 

Is there a possibility you might have charged your charging case with non-Apple data cables? 

If you have, now is a good time to stop. 

  • You should only use the cable that was provided to you by Apples when you first purchased the product. If you have lost those data cables for charging, buy new ones from the Apple store. Do not use ones meant for Android or happen to be Apple cable replicas. 
  • Now, another reason your battery might be draining quickly is that it is not charging properly in the first place. 
  • Clean your charging case thoroughly. Especially the inside of the case, where you are meant to place your earbuds for charging. 
  • Then, place the earbud inside the space correctly. Make sure it is set the right way so it can get the full effect of charging. 

Source: LoFi Alpaca

Can leaving the AirPods inside the charging case drain it?

Yes, actually. If your AirPods are inside the charging case while it is not being charged, it can still cause battery drain. However, that only happens if the AirPods are on and connected to your iPhone or other Apple device via Bluetooth. 

The battery drainage rate is not as quick as it would have been if you were using the AirPods. It would still drain as long as it is on though. 

Final Thoughts

If the battery draining issue persists despite trying all the methods, head over to the Apple store at the earliest. Your earbuds simply might be at the end of their time. 

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