How to Turn Off Siri Reading Texts on AirPods!

Apple’s AirPods has a lot to offer, from listening music to listen the text messages or incoming calls. Reading texts on AirPods happens with Siri’s magic after Apple announced iOS 13 update at WWDC 2019

When used rightly, Siri can read the incoming messages on iPhone, but it’s not that everyone likes it if they’re in between something important. 

It gets annoying when Siri announces the text messages on AirPods while you’re on a call, in a meeting, or listening to your favorite music. 

Of course, Siri announcing the text message is a useful feature so that you don’t miss your important messages if you didn’t have a chance to check your iPhone but too much of anything isn’t good for a few. 

So let’s have a look at the process of how to turn off Siri announcing text messages on your AirPods!

How to Turn Off Siri Announcing Text Messages on AirPods?

There are 2 methods by which you can implement this process. 

Method 1: Turn Off Siri Reading Texts on AirPods using Settings App

  • To start with, tap on Settings app from your home screen on your iPhone. 
  • Then, tap on the Notifications option by scrolling down a bit.
  • Now, tap on Announce Messages with Siri option
  • By default, the option will be turned ON. 
  • Toggle it off to disable Siri reading texts on AirPods.

That’s how easy it is to turn off Siri reading text messages on AirPods. 

Let us now have a look at the second method which is relatively easier and can be customized as per your needs with just a few clicks on Control Center in your iPhone. 

Method 2: Use Control Center to Stop Siri Reading Texts on AirPods

  • Tap on Settings app to start with. 
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  • Scroll down and tap on Control Center option. 
  • Now, tap on + icon besides Announce Messages with Siri option. This ensures that the Announce Messages with Siri option is added to the Control Center. If you already have it in your Control Center, you can skip this step. 
  • Get back to home screen and open Control Center from the top of your iPhone home screen
  • You will now see an icon of AirPods with red or white colored mark stating the reading messages with Siri on AirPods is turned off or turned on respectively. 
  • Tap on Announce Messages with Siri icon to turn it on or turn it off as per your needs. On a single tap, it automatically mutes the messages for 1 day as shown in the image below. And tapping it another time, it will turn it on. But If you want to customize it, proceed to the next step. 
  • When you long press (tap and hold) Announce Messages with Siri icon in Control Center, you will find 3 options, Turn on, Mute for 1 hour, and Off for the day. Choose the desired option and you’ll be good to go! 

As compared to the Settings app method (1st method), the Control Center method gives you more options to customize the way you want Siri to announce messages on your AirPods. 

That said, any of the methods followed as explained above should be more than enough to turn off Siri reading texts on AirPods!

But if you’re using an Apple Watch and want to customize Siri reading texts on AirPods from your Apple Watch, here’s what you need to do!

Note: All the images shared above are captured from this YouTube video

How to Turn off Siri Announcing Text Messages on AirPods with Apple Watch

Even if your iPhone isn’t nearby, you can implement this process. 

  • To launch the Control Center, swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch screen. 
  • Now tap on Announce Message with Siri icon to turn it off. Or you can tap and hold it to customize it to turn it off for 1 hour or for an entire day.

Well, that’s how simple it is to turn off Siri reading text messages on AirPods with the help of your iPhone and Apple Watch. 

Do these methods work with all iPhones and AirPods?

The method works for all the iPhones running on iOS 13 or later. It works perfectly for all AirPods models i.e., AirPods, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods Max! 

Is there any way to turn off Siri reading messages permanently on AirPods? 

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can do this as you can do this just for 1 day (24 hours). To turn it off again, you need to follow the same process explained above. 

Wrapping Up!

Isn’t that pretty easy to implement? Well, if you still feel there’s something missing in our research, do let us know and we will be happy to update the guide with relevant information. 

Also, if you face any issues while implementing the “turn off Siri reading texts on AirPods” process, do let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help you! 

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