Why are my headphones so quiet?

Has there been a decrease in the volume of your headphones lately? Are you having a hard time hearing what’s being played on your headphones? 

If your answer to either of the two questions is a yes, then you are at the right place because, we will explain what causes this decrease in volume and some quick fixes for such commonly faced issues today.

In the last section of the article, we have shared a list of third-party apps that can turn up the volume of your headphones beyond the default limit. There are different apps for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS devices, and we have shared our favorite ones with you.

But before that, let’s first take a look at some hardware and software side issues that make the headphones quiet.

Why are my headphones so quiet? [Hardware issues]

  1. Headphones require cleaning

If you have not cleaned your headphones in months, perhaps that’s the reason why your headphones are getting quieter. Due to the collection of earwax and other dirt, it is highly likely that the audio driver might have been blocked.

Source: Bitwit

This is more common with earphones and earbuds where a small audio driver is present but can also happen with larger headphones.

So, we recommend cleaning your headphones at least once in two months. Check out our article on How to clean earbuds and How to clean headphone pads to find out more.

  1. Headphone jack dirty/damaged

A lot of people ignore cleaning the audio jack when cleaning the headphones. If the headphone’s audio jack is dirty, then you will start hearing disturbances when listening to music. In extreme cases, the max volume might drop too.

Cleaning the audio jack using a compressed air can. Source: GoGazelle

If your headphones are getting quieter, this might be the cause of it. So make sure you clean the audio jack of your headphones (and your PC/smartphone, too) the next time you decide to clean them.

  1. Audio cable damaged

If the cable that you use to connect your headphones with your PC/smartphone is weak, then there are good chances that it will get damaged over time. Sometimes, the damages will be visible; sometimes, they won’t be. 

A cut in the cable is a clear sign that the cable is damaged. But, sometimes, the copper wire inside the audio cable can break too. This happens due to excessive bending of the wire. In this case, the outer cover of the cable will be intact, but the internal wire would be damaged.

Electric tape can be used to fix the cut wires. Source: RichsMethods

While you can use electric tape to fix the visible damage, there is no way to fix the cable that is cut internally. 

We recommend buying a new audio cable anyway because it’s always good to have a spare one. Here is a link to buy one: Audio Cable

Why are my headphones so quiet?  [Software issues]

  1. Volume of the device is set low

It is very much possible that the issue might be as simple as your device volume being low. You can easily press the volume up button on your PC/smartphone to find out what the current volume level is.

If your headphones are quiet at max volume, then the problem might also be with the hardware volume rocker (if your headphone has any). It is usually present on the headphone itself or on the audio cable that connects your headphone to your PC. The volume rocker is used to adjust the headphone’s volume below the maximum output volume from your PC.

  1. Audio file being played has a low volume

If you are trying to play the same audio clip or video, and finding your headphones quiet, then there is a small chance that instead of your headphones, your file might be quiet. A lot of audio clips/videos available online are recorded with a poor quality recorder due to which they have unclear and muffled audio.

Try playing something else to see if that makes your headphones louder.

How to make headphones louder using third-party apps?

So here is a list of the best apps that can help your headphones sound a bit louder. You can use these apps to make both Wired and Bluetooth headphones louder as these apps are compatible with all types of audio devices.

Before you go ahead and install the applications for boosting audio volume, please ensure that you don’t use them when you are wearing the headphones. If the volume gets too loud, you may end up with a severe headache or even getting your ears damaged. Increase the boost gradually by 5-10% and keep testing till you find the optimum volume levels.

Now that you know the safety guidelines let’s see what apps are the best to boost the audio volume. 

Volume Booster GooDev for Android

An excellent application with a minimal interface. A must-have if you face issues with your headphone volume. The app works on all the devices running on Android 4.4 or newer OS. 

Source: PlayStore

Download it from this link: Volume Booster GooDev

Boom for iOS

The best way to boost the volume of iOS devices is by unlocking the maximum volume limits in the Settings app itself. Here is a video by LoFi Alpaca that explains how to do that: How To Increase Max Volume On iPhone! (2021)

Boom is another app that comes with a lot of different functions. It can be used as an alternative to the default music player, an equalizer, and also as a volume booster.

Source: AppStore

Download it from this link: ‎Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

Boom 3D for Mac ($12) and Equalizer APO (Free) for Windows

Boom 3D is available on Mac/iOS/Windows/Android but is a paid App. It offers a lot of other interesting features that make it worth the money. For Mac devices, this is the best option.

Source: Global Delight

Download it from this link: Boom 3D | Buy Now

For windows, however, Equalizer APO is the best. It’s easy to install and use but most importantly, free.

Download it from this link: Equalizer APO

Further reading

You can check:  How to make headphones louder? to read in detail about the exact steps that you need to follow to boost the audio on your headphones using the apps mentioned above. 

If you use professional-grade headphones with high impedance, we have also explained how you can use an amplifier to boost the volume in the same article. 

All in all, there are multiple ways to boost the volume of your headphones; you just have to figure out which one works the best for you.

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