Why Does my Mic Sound Bad on Discord?

Discord maintains a decent sound quality even with millions of users logging on it every day. But sometimes, the mic can sound pretty crappy due to various factors, such as a weak network connection, a poor quality mic, or some internal setting in Discord.

Fortunately, these problems are temporary, and by just using a few techniques, you can solve this problem of your mic sounding bad on Discord. Just follow the article, and you will know how to change the audio quality of your mic to give you a rich, crystal clear sound.

Why does my Mic Sound bad on Discord?

There can be many reasons why your mic sounds bad on Discord. These may include a crappy network connection, background noises, input sensitivity, a weak mic, or some internal settings in Discord.

And in this article, we will go through all these problems one by one and provide some fixes. So, let’s start.

Poor Network Quality 

A poor network quality can give you a lousy sound experience on Discord. There is not much you can do to solve this problem; however, you can tweak a few settings on Discord to adjust your audio quality according to the network connection. 

1. Change the bitrate

Changing the bitrate in Discord can be an excellent way to increase or decrease the audio quality according to the network connection. If you increase the bitrate, the audio quality will improve and consume more data, and if you reduce the bitrate, the audio quality will decrease and consume less data.

This is how you can change the bitrate in your Discord Server: 

Step 1- Head over to the settings option in Discord; the option should appear in the bottom left corner of the App.

Step 2- Next, head up to an Audio channel in your Discord server and select Edit channel.

Step 3- Now, you will see a bitrate slider; you can increase or decrease it to adjust it according to your network connection.

Step 4- Generally, the slider defaults in 64kbps; you can increase the audio slider hence increasing its audio quality.

Step 5- Hit save changes and press “Esc” to exit.

Note- You need to be the admin of the Discord channel to change the bitrate.

2. High packet priority setting

Discord has this amazing setting called High packet priority settings, which gives your Audio data packet the highest priority instead of other data packets. 

You can change this setting using the steps given below:

Step1- Navigate to user settings by clicking on the gear icon.

Step 2- Go to “voice and video” under the app settings section.

Step3- Scroll down to the button until you see “Quality of service” and click on “Enable quality of Service High packet priority.”

Now you have set the high priority for your Audio data packets. This setting will tell your router to take your Audio in high priority, giving you a clear voice on the Discord mic.

Background Noises

While having conversations with your friends, background noise can become quite annoying. But Discord has partnered with Krisp to provide noise suppression for its users so that we don’t have to suffer because of unwanted background noises.

3. Krisp Noise Suppression

The Krisp noise suppression doesn’t completely cut off outside noises, but it will decrease the outside noises to a significant extent. 

Follow the steps below to enable this feature:

Step 1- First, navigate to settings in the bottom left corner of the app.

Step 2- Under the app setting section, select  voice and video

Step 3- Scroll down to the bottom and enable the “Noise Suppression”

Note- This option is not available in the Discord web app.

4. Discord Push to Talk

Discord push to talk is one great feature of Discord where you can practically control your mic to turn on or off with the push of a button, making sure that no unwanted noise passes through your mic.

Here’s how you can enable this feature:

Step 1- Open settings by clicking on the gear icon next to your Avatar.

Step 2- Click on “Voice on Video” under the app settings header.

Step 3- Scroll down to the button and enable “push to talk”

Step 4- In the shortcut box, enter your desired key to turn the mic on and off as the hotkey.

Step 5- Save and exit.

Now press the hotkey whenever you want your mic to turn on or off to chat with your buddies.

5. Adjust voice attenuation settings of Discord

By Adjusting voice attenuation settings, you can silence the noises from other apps giving your friends clear audio from your mic.

To adjust the attenuation settings, follow the steps below:

Step 1- First, go to settings and select “voice and video” under the app settings header.

Step 2- Scroll down and search for “Attenuation.”

Step 3- Hold the slider and increase or decrease it according to your needs.

Step 4- Make sure that “when others speak” is turned on.

The slider decreases the noise from other games and apps, giving your mic a clean environment to record your voice. Further, turning on the option “when others speak” guarantees that the attenuation settings work well.

Input Sensitivity in Discord

The input sensitivity option in Discord is quite clever in the sense it sets a limit on the hotkey turn how many decibels your mic will start recording the sounds. If the input sensitivity bar is set pretty low, the mic will start taking all the outside noises like people walking around, fans, game sounds, music, etc.

However, if the input sensitivity option is adjusted in the right way, your mic will only take your sound, which means your friends can hear you clearly.

Here’s how you can adjust the Input sensitivity settings on Discord:

Step1- Go to settings and click on voice under the app settings section.

Step2- Scroll down to the bottom and look for input sensitivity by clicking on voice activity.

Step3- Turn off “Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity.”

Step4- Slide the toggle bar left or right to adjust input sensitivity.

Get a better mic

Even if you adjust all your settings on Discord, your mic will still sound bad if your mic in itself is not a good one. So, invest your money in buying a good quality mic, preferably some noise-canceling mic. There are a ton of good mics available in e-shops, do some research over the internet and get the best mic you can get according to your budget and needs; just don’t compromise with your audio noise; follow-canceling quality.

General FAQs

How to fix bad mic quality on Discord?

You can try adjusting different settings available in Discord under Voice and Video settings. You can use the instructions above to adjust the settings like bitrate, input sensitivity, and push to talk.

Mic sounds muffled on Discord.

Go to your settings and enable “Automatically determine input sensitivity.” There are instructions to adjust “input sensitivity” above; follow them; reset your voice settings on Discord. Doing these should solve the problem. If these don’t help connect with Discord customer service, they will surely help you.

How to make your mic sound better on Discord?

You can adjust the different settings in Discord like noise suppression, bit rate, voice attenuation settings, push to talk, high packet priority. The detailed instructions on adjusting these settings are given above, just follow them, and your mic will start to sound better. 

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