Why is My Mic So Quiet on Discord?

Discord is loved for providing call and chat features to gamers while on their game. And the Discord development team seems to be doing great in providing timely updates and bug fixes to their application.

However, issues like a quiet discord mic or mic not working properly are pretty common among the users. 

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A quiet discord mic can be pretty frustrating during a gaming session as you can hear your friend’s voice, but your voice doesn’t reach them or vice versa. And this problem always seems to appear out of nowhere.

No worries, though, as this article will guide you through some of the reasons as to why your mic is so quiet on discord and give you a plausible solution for the same. Now let’s get started.

Simple bug fixes for a quiet discord mic.

Before messing around with the settings, you can try out these simple fixes:

  1. Completely close the Discord App and restart it.
  2. Unplug and replug the mic while performing the above step and restart the discord app. 
  3. Simply restart your computer. It is a great way to flush out your computer’s cache memory and RAM, fixing half of all the problems.
  4. Just hit logout on discord and try logging in again.
  5. Check if the mic is broken. A broken mic will obviously not give out any sound.

If your mic is still not giving out any sound, you will have to tweak some settings, just follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be communicating with your friends back in no time. Let’s get cracking.

1. Try to update your Audio drivers


Sometimes outdated drivers and corrupted files can cause unwanted problems. So, just try to update the Audio drivers manually. Don’t know how to update them,try to follow the steps mentioned below;

Step 1- Click Start>Settings from the lower-left corner of the screen.

Step 2- Go to Update and security, your pc will check for any new audio drivers, and if available, it will download them automatically.

For mac users, running “Software update”  should do the job.

2. Check if the right mic is connected to the discord

Here’s how you can check if the right mic is connected to your Discord app. 

Step 1- Go to user settings in Discord next to your Avatar. Look at the screenshot below. 

Step 2- Now navigate to voice and video under app settings.

Step 3- You will see an “Input Device” box, and select your device from the drop-down. Click on it and select your mic.

Step 4- Lastly, ensure that the “input volume slider” is in max volume. Otherwise, you will not get any sound from your mic. 

3. Voice setting Reset

A voice setting reset usually works by resetting the settings to their default state and removing any probable setting malfunction.

Step 1- In the Discord App, go to the “User Settings” next to your Avatar. The option should look like a cogwheel.

Step 2- Click on “Voice and Video” under the App Settings.

Step 3- Scroll down to the bottom. And select” Reset Voice Settings.”

Step 4- Hit “Okay” from the popup and reconnect the mic. And check if it’s working.

4. Automatic Input Sensitivity

If “Automatic Input Sensitivity” is disabled. Discord will not detect any sound from the mic, resulting in a quiet discord mic. This setting is very simple to change. Just follow these steps and you will be done.

Step 1- Firstly, start by navigating to user settings and hit “Voice and Video” under app settings.

Step 2- A colored bar will appear with “Input Sensitivity,” turn on the right switch to automatically input the sound.

5. Push to talk

Most of the gamers use Discord Push-to-talk while playing games. However, if you don’t use it and the above methods don’t seem to work out, try to use this alternative.

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Note that you will need to turn on this option whenever you want to communicate with your friends, it may seem inconvenient at first, but you will get used to it.

Step 1- First, go to “user settings.”

Step 2- Then click” Voice and video” under App settings.

Step 3-  Click on “push to talk” 

Step 4- Hovering over this box will show you the option and click “key bind

Step 5- Now, you can choose a keyboard or mouse button to act as a “Push to talk key.”

Step 6- Click stop recording, and you are done.

Why is my mic so quiet on discord mobile?

You can use any of the above methods to solve the problem of a quiet discord mic. All the settings that you need to solve this problem are already present in the “Voice and Audio Settings” of the discord app under the header of “User Settings.”

Discord output volume too low in Android?

Your phone might be taking Discord calls as a regular Phone call. Try to press the speaker buttons. This might help.

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How to make your mic louder on Discord?

Select the gear icon next to your Avatar, then go to “Voice and Video” settings and adjust the Input and Output volume sliders.

If your volume seems too loud or too small you can balance it using this setting. It is important to note that, the input volume slider is not available in the Discord mobile app.


If the above methods don’t work out, try to uninstall the app entirely and reinstall it again.

Further, Discord is a great community-building platform, you can always ask about your problem in different Discord communities, and the community members will surely help you out. 

But, if you are still having problems with a quiet discord mic, just connect with Discord customer service. They will be more than happy to help you out. You can communicate with them via their email support@discordapp.com, Twitter, or various means from their help department.

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