[Fixed] Why Is Mic So Quiet: Solutions for PC, Mac, Discord, Xbox and Playstation

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Whether you’re a Twitch streamer, software developer or a customer service exec, the importance of a mic has become paramount due to the ongoing pandemic and everyone working from home. 

The most common problem with mic is low volume heard on the other end. This can occur due to a number of factors which we will discuss in detail. There are a number of solutions for this issue based on the mic type and platform. 

Solution for Windows Systems

If your microphone is connected to a PC running Windows operating system, the procedure to increase mic volume is simple and can be performed in the following steps:

Check if your microphone is connected

  1. Go to the Start Menu, then select Settings > System > Sound
  2. Ensure that your device is shown in Input. 

Check the volume of the microphone

  1. Go to the Start Menu, then select Settings > System > Sound
  2. Ensure that your device is visible in Input.
  3. Select your device.
  1. Set the input volume as necessary and enable Enhance Audio. 

Solution for Mac Systems

For MacOS systems, follow the below steps for adjusting the settings so that you can increase the mic volume.

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  1. On your Mac, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound > Input.
  2. Select the device you are using.
  3. Adjust the Input Volume using the volume slider.

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  1. Select Use Ambient Noise Reduction option when using the in-built microphone of your system. 

Solution for Xbox Consoles

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With gaming consoles, it is very important to have the optimum mic volume so that you can communicate with others in your team when playing multiplayer games. For Xbox consoles, the underlying solution for low mic volume is accessing the sound controls. Read below to find out how.

  1. When your headset is attached, press the Xbox button on the controller.
  2. Look for the Systems tab and tap on it.
  3. Select Audio from the options.
  4. Access the Mic Monitoring slider and adjust it as per your requirements. 

Solution for Playstation Consoles

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Just like the Xbox consoles, the volume controls for Playstation Consoles need to be accessed to check and correct the mic volume. This process will surely solve your muffled mic volume issues.

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  1. From the Playstation Home Screen, scroll up to access the Home menu.
  2. Scroll right to access the Settings menu and press the X button.
  3. Scroll down to access the Devices menu and tap on the X button on the controller.
  4. Scroll to Audio Devices and tap on the X button.
  5. If your headset is connected correctly, you will be able to see Input volume being given by the microphone.
  6. From there, you can scroll to set the microphone volume level as per your needs.
  7. Scroll to OK and then press the X button.

Solution for Discord

Discord is a popular chat and community app that engages a large audience on a variety of subjects. A great feature of Discord is its voice chat rooms that allow people to communicate with each other via voice. But what if your mic volume is too low for discord? Read on to find out its solution.

  1. Check the microphone icon in the name label section to see if the microphone is enabled.

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  1. Allow microphone access to the Discord website through the browser menu. 

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  1. Click on the setting menu in the name label.
  2. Select Voice and Video settings.

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  1. Check on Voice Activity in the Input mode menu.
  2. Set input and output volume to max. 

If none of the above solutions are for you, check these tips that are common for all issues.

  • Connect your mic to a different device to see if it is faulty or works normally.
  • If your mic has a physical mute button, check if yours is turned on. If yes, turn it off.
  • If your headset has volume controls on it, please increase the volume of the mic.

It’s sometimes about the mic placement that does not allow your voice to reach the other side clearly or loudly enough. Find out below for proper mic placement for full and clear audio.

A quick guide for mic placement

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When people on the other side cannot hear you, whether the voice sounds muffled, low or generally unclear, it is often the problem of mic placement. Read on to find out how to optimally place your mic for the best results. 

  • Distance matters: Generally, it’s best when the mic is as close to your mouth as possible. It is advised to keep the mic within 6 to 12 inches from your mouth. This prevents the sound from going to different directions and reaching directly to your mouthpiece. It also prevents the background noise from reaching your mic.  Although beware, if the mic is too close to your mouth, people will be able to hear your breath and it causes further disturbance. 
  • Position it correctly: Be careful that you position the mic in such a way that it is always pointing towards your mouth so that you speak directly into it. When you’re talking, if you speak away from the mic, your voice sounds very dull and hence the low volume. 
  • Pop filters: If the quality of the audio is paramount to you, install a pop filter on your mic as it is able to prevent the popping of Ps that you speak. It will also help in directioning and distancing yourself correctly from the mic.   

If no solutions are working for you, your headset might have subpar hardware for mic quality. Below we have suggested a few quality headsets with great mics suitable for both video calls and gaming.

We hope the above solutions solve the problem of your mic audio being muffled or volume being low and you’re able to communicate more clearly.   

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