How to Prevent Headphone Hair (6 Tips)

Headphone hair

If you hate it when there is a band-shaped dent on your hair after taking off your headphone, you are not alone. Blame it on your hairstyle if you will, but it’s the headphone that’s the culprit. The headband of the headphone that rests on your head puts pressure on your hair and leaves a band-shaped dent. 

Check online forums and you will learn how common this issue is. 

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Headphone hair is so common to the point that there are memes about it.

Do all headphones cause headphone hair?

Almost all over-the-ear and on-the-ear headphones can cause headphone hair. This is because the very design of these two categories of headphone styles puts pressure on the top portion of the head as the headband rests there to support the entire headset. 

There is practically no workaround for wearing over-the-ear and on-the-ear headphones without having them rest on the top portion of the head. 

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In-earphones are safe

On the contrary, in-ear earphones, wireless neckbands, and true wireless earbuds do not cause headphone hair as they are compact and do not have headbands that rest on the top of the head. If avoiding headphone hair is one of your topmost priorities, you can switch to wired earphones or wireless earbuds with a bit of audio depth and noise isolation compromises. 

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Headphone Dent: It’s crucial to take breaks

Regardless of the type of workarounds you try for lowering the odds of headphone hair, you may not get the best results if you wear your headphones for a sustained period of time. Wearing over-the-ear headphones for long hours on end when gaming or listening to music can have other negative consequences too, including a temporary dent on the top of the head (where the headphone’s headband rests). 

Wearing over-the ear headphones for a long period of time causes a headband-shaped temporary depression to form on the uppermost skin layer (scalp) of the top portion of the head. 

Watch these short video clips to see the dents on the scalp that over-the ear headphones can cause:

Video clip 1 – watch here

headphone dents on the scalp

Video clip 2 – watch here

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Practical tips to prevent headphone hair

There are several workarounds you can try to steer clear of the issue of headphone hair. The options that we have listed below include temporary as well as permanent fixes. 

1. Keep your hair short

tip to prevent headphone hair

One simple and effective way to keep the issue of headphone hair at bay is to get a short haircut. If you are a gamer or an audiophile and wear your headphone for long hours, keeping your hair short can help you prevent headphone hair as well as improve the comfort level of wearing the headphone. 

2. Wear the headphone on top of a hoodie

headphone on top of a hoodie

If you do not want to go for the first option, you can simply put on your hoodie hat and wear your headphones. The reason this solution can work is the hoodie hat encompasses the side and top portions of your hair which otherwise gets dented by the headphone’s headband. 

3. Wear the headphone on top of a hat

headphone on top of a hat

A similar fix to the above tip is to wear your headphones on top of a hat. What’s best about this solution is that you can go for it when using your headphones indoors as well as outdoors. This solution works in the same way as wearing a hoodie hat. 

4. Give your hair a tight tie

 hair a tight tie

If you have long hair, you can simply tie it in a tight way so as to prevent the crease that the headphone band causes. Hair tie styles such as a tight ponytail or a bun compress the volume of your hair and therefore help you keep the risk of headphone hair at bay.

5. Switch to braided hairstyles

Similar to the idea of going for a tight hair tie style, you can switch to a braided hairstyle in order to keep yourself from having headphone hair. Braided hairstyles make you look cool as well. 

6. Use hairspray to bring your hair back to shape

If you don’t prefer tight hair tie styles, braided hairstyles, or even short haircuts, you can use hairspray or other hair styling products to bring your hair back to shape and volume after using your headphones. 

7. Use the headphone as a hair styling tool

Who said that over-the-ear headphones always work against your hairstyle? You can use the device to work for you as a hair styling tool. Watch this short video clip to learn how you can use your headphone as an actual hairband to give your hair the volume it deserves. 

Image credit: Kloss Films Vimeo 

8. Choose a lightweight headphone

How heavy and rigid your headphone is has got a lot to do in determining the level of headphone band dent you get in your hair. The heavier your headphone, the more dense the dent. Also, many over-the-ear headphones have a rigid and narrow headband that can cause temporary hair creases on both sides of your head. 

Therefore, it’s important to choose a headphone that has a lightweight design and a highly adjustable headband. Here are some of the lightweight headphones there are not just comfortable to wear but also deliver excellent audio performance:

Bose 700 – check it out here

Bose 700

Bose 700 is an unmistakable choice for those who prefer a lifestyle headphone that has a modern look and sleek build. This headphone is a great choice for lowering headphone hair as it has a sleek and adjustable headband. Its noise cancellation feature makes it a perfect bang for the buck. 

Image credit: Bose 

Sennheiser HD 450BT – check it out here 

Sennheiser HD 450BT

Sennheiser HD 450BT delivers a high-quality audio performance while making no compromises on the comfort level. Although this headphone has large-sized ear cups, it has a relatively lightweight design and is comfortable to wear. 

Image credit: Sennheiser

Sony RF995RK – check it out here

Sony RF995RK packs heavyweight audio performance in a lightweight design. This headphone is perfect for music listening and well-suited for gaming. Also, it has a sleek profile on its headband as compared to other Sony wireless headphones. 

Sony RF995RK

Image credit: Sony

Bose QuietComfort 35 II – check it out here

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Bose QuietComfort 35 II is undoubtedly one of the few wireless gaming headphones to have a lightweight build and a considerably sleek profile. What’s best about this gaming headphone is that it can perform double duty as a casual lifestyle headphone as well. 

Image credit: Bose

HyperX Cloud Orbit – check it out here

HyperX Cloud Orbit

Lowering the risk of headphone hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compromise on audio performance. HyperX Cloud Orbit offers gaming-great audio performance in a comparatively lightweight design. 

Image credit: HyperX

9. Temporarily switch to earbuds every now and then

One of the best and most-effective ways to lower the odds of getting headphone hair or scalp dents is to make the switch to earbuds every now and then. Depending on your preference, you can go for wired or wireless earbuds. 

Here are some great options we have compiled for you: 

For casual requirements: 

Bose QuietComfort – check it out here 

Bose QuietComfort

Image credit: Bose

Bose QuietComfort is a great alternative to over-the-ear headphones as it delivers full-range audio performance that covers lows, mids, and highs. The in-ear rubber tips of the earbuds ensure a high level of noise insulation as well. 

Sony WF-XB700 – check it out here

Sony WF-XB700

Image credit: Sony

Sony WF-XB700 makes a great affordable alternative to high-performance over-the-ear headphones. Despite an affordable pricetag, this model delivers just the right amount of audio performance you need to elevate your music listening experience. 

For gaming requirements:

HyperX Cloud Earbuds – check it out here

HyperX Cloud Earbuds

Image credit: HyperX

HyperX Cloud Earbuds comes as an unmistakable choice if you are planning to look for an alternative to your over-the-ear gaming headset. With a dynamic audio performance, this model does not fall short on elevating your gaming experience. 

Bengoo V-13 – check it out here

Bengoo V-13

Image credit: Bengoo

Bengoo V-13 is another great alternative to over-the-ear gaming headphones. This model packs everything you get in a proper gaming headphone, including bass-rich audio, a dedicated microphone, and a high level of external noise insulation. 

Use your headphone at medium volume levels to protect hearing health 

If you are someone who regularly uses over-the-ear headphones or in-ear ear phones/wireless earbuds, it’s important to take care of your overall hearing health. And the best way to do that is to keep the volume to a medium level. If there are no external noises in your room, it’s best to keep the volume level low in order to protect your hearing.

Exposure to loud volume level can lead to hearing problems over time, such as sensorineural hearing loss. It’s good to mix and match your headphone usage routine by temporarily switching to Bluetooth speakers or desktop monitors. 

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